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Friday, September 01, 2006

Help! Help! Our plane has crashed!

What is your initial reaction to Lord of the Flies? What do you expect will happen to the characters you've been introduced to? Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Jack? As you read, consider what each character could represent.


  • My honest initial reaction to LORD OF THE FLIES is "Why oh why do I have to read this book?" The elements of barbarism already showing in the first chapter with the killing of the pig forces me to prepare myself for what I know is the inevitable. I can already tell that there will be a power struggle between Ralph and Jack for leadership of the boys. Piggy is the peacemaker, and in the end all peacemakers end up getting hurt, whether it be physical, emotional, or both. Simon, the poor boy, is the one who needs to be taken care of. I think that he will be the one who brings Ralph and Jack back to the reality that there are more than two people on the island.

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone think this book is eerily similar to the TV show LOST? I'd really like to hear your thoughts.

    By Blogger RachelP, at 9:01 AM  

  • My initial response is that this is kind of a weird book, in the respect that we are reading about a group of boys who have had their plane crashed on this island. Although, it is interesting is read about the survival of the fittest that exists. I think that the most conflict and trouble will be coming from Jack and Ralph, as they are the most alike and they aboth want to be in control of the rest of the boys. As we get more into the book, I think that their differences will be more apparent. I think that Piggy is like Ralph's sidekick- he will always be by Ralph's side trying to help him. Although the other boys might not understand or accept him, Piggy will keep being Piggy no matter what they say about him. Simon seems like someone who is very wise, in his own way. He will help out when needed and try to avoid the conflict.

    I've never seen LOST, so I can not say if I think they are similar-sorry.

    By Blogger alysewhite, at 9:16 AM  

  • My first reaction to LORD OF THE FLIES was why does Ralph like to stand on his head? Piggy sounds to me likie he will overthrow Ralph as Chief when he and the head chior boy get into arguments. Piggy is the peacemaker and the one who thinks most rationally. And who is this "man with the megaphone?" Are they talking about the Dean or Priciple of the school? I think this book has a really confusing first chapter.

    I do think that LOST and LORD OF THE FLIES have similar settings, with the tropical island, the pigs and the plane crash.

    By Blogger RachelL, at 1:59 PM  

  • SORRY I forgot to metion MAPLEHEART is RachelL

    By Blogger RachelL, at 2:00 PM  

  • Almost as soon as i started reading this book, it struck me that this is not a very original book. The setting is one that used by counless authors when it seems they cant think of a better place. the characters too, seem to be nothing special. I am sure that there will be power strugles and loss for the boys, its only natural. Basicly, I think this book needs spice, otherwise it will leave no imprint on the Reader.

    Has anyone seen The Simpsons spoof of this book?

    By Blogger katieorlandini, at 4:50 PM  

  • When I started reading the book, I seriously had to read the first couple of pages about fifty times to completely understand it. This is one of those books where you need to imagine all the scenery in your head....

    Do you think Ralph is just a little bit stuck up? Jack is too. I agree with RachelP when she says that there will be some rivalry between those two for the leadership position. In the end, I predict that the struggle will be the downfall for one of them.

    I have not seen Lost either, but from what I've heard it is similar to Lord of the Flies.

    By Blogger JordanK, at 4:52 PM  

  • I don't know about everyone else, especially the girls, but I am really enjoying this book. I find it very interesting and exciting and plus, I haven't read a really good book in a long time so this is "fun" for me. What I see in this book is that Ralph is obviously the leader, but I was wondering that too;why the heck does he stand on his head? Piggy represents order and democracy and when he cleans his glasses, I think it shows his desire for clear sightedness and peace. Simon will eventually keep order and peace and Jack will bring chaos and corruption. But I have to read on to find out so, got to run!

    Responding to Rachel's comment, yes I do think this book is a lot like LOST. That's another reason why I like this book so far. Also, another question, why is Ralph intrigued by the color gray? Does anyone have any ideas?

    By Blogger clewis, at 5:04 PM  

  • I think the "man with the megaphone" is referring to the head of their school, or possibly the choir's head master... I could be wrong, but there's really no way to be sure. The fact that Ralph stands on his head strikes me as just plain odd... If you wanted to get all technical it could be a metaphor for the fact that their world has been "turned upside down" by the plane crash. Or you could just assume that Ralph either likes getting attention or just enjoys getting a head rush.

    In response to CLEWIS's question of whether other people are enjoying the book... I really don't like the base story at all, as I have already stated. What I do like and respect is the metaphors within the book. That's something no one should dislike no matter how much you dislike the base story. I can only guess that Ralph is intrigued by the color gray because if he came from England, especially London, it is especially smoggy and the prominent color is gray. So being on a tropical island with brilliant colors would instantly draw your attention to anything dull, and in this case, familiar colors.

    As far as this book relating to LOST (I'm going to answer my own question) there are many similarities. What's weird is that I am addicted to LOST and this book... well, I don't want to repeat myself. Anyhow, aside from the facts that there is a Jack in both LOST and THE LORD OF THE FLIES, and they are on a tropical island. Both of these works explore what kind of community woudl be set up if strangers were left to fend for themselves. They both explore different kinds of people (ie leaders, followers, peacemakers etc.) and they both also experiment with the idea of symbols of power (the Hatch, the conch, the guns etc.). It should be very interesting to see what other similarites arise.

    Season 3 of LOST starts October 4th! WHOOHOO!

    By Blogger RachelP, at 6:49 PM  

  • My first reaction to Lord of the Flies was "why are these crazy kids so incredibly happy?" They are stranded on an island for who knows how long and yet all these children think of the freedom they will have. This will definitely present conflicts later in the novel as Ralf, Piggy, and Simon come to realize that their current situation is no daring adventure ending in an equally daring rescue, but a struggle to maintain peace between the children and, more importantly, to remain alive. In my opinion, Jack will be the one who eventually questions Ralf's competence as leader. This is mainly because Jack is older than Ralf, and his pride has already been hurt 2 times in the novel. A few more blows and he may decide to rebel. In essence, Piggy (as rachel p said) is the peacemaker of the story and is the only person who has even begun to grasp the risks of the island. It seems rather doubtful that he will go through the story without a critical physical or emotional wound from the boys that causes a rift to develop between him and Ralf. My predictions for Ralf include that he will continue to deny the hidden fears of the group, such as the prospect of not being rescued and the danger of a snake. In the end, this will contribute to his downfall.

    I have never seen Lost, but I thought the book sort of resembled the movie cast away with the plane crash and stranded island theme.

    By Blogger kchurchill, at 7:16 PM  

  • I agree with kellyc and rachelp with how they stated that Piggy is the only one so far that understands the risks of the island. In my mind he is the wisest of all the island's current inhabitants. All of the other children seem caught up in the immediate rush of excitement of being "free from the adults". As it starts to illustrate in the 3rd chapter, it is already becoming difficult to find food and shelter.

    I have never seen the show LOST but I have seen the show called Flight 29 Down a few times and I can really relate that show to this book. Anyone else in the same boat?

    Responding to basically everyone else, I have no idea what the standing on their heads symbolizes. I also wonder what the color pink symbolizes. The only think that I can think of is that it is foreshadowing to the pink/red blood that will later be shed.

    I too think that Simon is the one that will stand in the background and when things start to go very wrong, I think that he and Piggy will be the ones to step in and try to resolve matters.

    Something that I have been wondering about though is; how could so many children have survived this plane crash and no adults. Were there even adults on the plane? Also, how could there have been all of these children that crashed on the same island in the same plane and none of them even relativley know one another? Wouldn't they have had to work together to get out of the plane crash?

    By Blogger emilyh, at 7:27 PM  

  • Oh man, this book totally reminds me of the show LOST! That was honestly my first thought when i read this book, because they are on an island, they got dropped out a crashing plane, and weird things keep on happening on the island. However, LOST has adults on the island, while LOF has kids, so many of the conflicts are a bit different. For example, the "leaders" in LOF have problems keeping all the kids together, and not running off. They also have troubles making the kids do what they say, and pay attention during the meetings. However, in LOST, all the adults are very mature and help eachother out. They also have problems too, though. They dont always agree with eachother and get in fights sometimes. In LOF the little kids mostly do as the "leaders" (Ralph)say, and do not argue. Ralph, Jack, and Piggy do argue over many of the important matters.

    By Blogger melissaq, at 1:20 PM  

  • YES! Lord of the Flies DEFINITELY reminds me of LOST, though like Melissa said, it is kids instead of adults. What Melissa said about the different problems between the kids and adults really made me think: is there really any difference in the ways they deal with it? I've only seen LOST once or twice, but from what I've seen of it, the biggest problem facing the characters is keeping calm and in control of themselves. How do the characters in LOST deal with their situation compared to the kids in LOF?

    By Blogger Alison B, at 4:16 PM  

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