Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Thursday, May 03, 2007

1st Hour ManzanarScribe-Monday


Today Mrs. Moritz was at a reading seminar, so we had a sub. We took attendance and Mrs. Ritzdorf checked that everyone had their three questions. We moved to large group discussion.

We talked about:

Was the reservoir crew set up, or was it just carelessness on the part of the whites runnung the camp. We discussed how the soldiers were scared of the reservoir crew just because they were japanese, or because they are different. We taled about why they couldn't answer yes no or no yes on the survey because they would contradict each other, and there was no point to go to the army if you didn't support the country. We talked about why papa decided on yes yes, and why he only re-emerged and sobered up to be at the debate. We talked about why he freaked out when the guy called him an inu. we wondered if he would stay sober, or drink all the time again. we asked the class if they would have gone to war or relocate, and what defines fear.

HW: 13-15, 3 more questions.


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