Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Monday, April 30, 2007

1st Hour 1984/ManzanarScribe

4/30 Scribe Dan Eigner

We started class by turning in our 1984 final assessment papers. Then we looked at our final T-Shirt designs after Mrs. Moritz printed them. Unfortunately the iron on didn’t work front and back so all designs were on the front. After that we talked about our live blog on Friday. Then we discussed time for our semester long projects. Then we handed in our copies of 1984, but Mrs. Moritz was unhappy about us not writing our names in the books. This was because she can’t hold people responsible for damage. Mrs. Moritz asked for any more graded quizzes.

Then we got into our new unit. She started by asking about what we knew about internment camps and why the Japanese were put there. This is for our next novel Farewell to Manzanar. Mrs. Moritz then asked a controversial question: Why didn’t we put middle eastern people into camps after 9/11?

Then we got into human rights and their protection by law.
Which of the people’s rights should be protected? Under what conditions, if any, might it be justifiable to violate citizen’s legal rights? What should people do if they feel the government is violating their rights? What about the rights of others? What are examples of current legal decisions that you might consider unjust in which the government mistreats people?

Then Mrs. Moritz gave us the night off of blogging and homework.


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