Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

1st Hour ManzanarScribe-Tuesday

Jordan's scribe will go here.


  • I apologize for my late scribe; my life has gotten very hectic very recently. Anywho, today we started off class with a peek into Mrs. Moritz personal life, as we do on a daily basis, and we discovered that Mrs. Moritz's son must have surgery to relieve his ear of fluid so that he can hear properly...

    So we began to look at pictures featuring Manzanar. The first one we looked at was a man reading the newspaper outside of the free press. We paid specific attention to the Catholic church in the camp, and how it they tried to make it appear friendly by planting trees (though they were dead) in front of it. A comparison was also made to how the sign reading "Catholic Church" looked like a sign they might put on the side of a tavern. The other one we paid attention to was a seamstress making a dress out of a material that had a pattern of sheep and a long discussion about the happiness levels of the various women in that picture. Involving the pictures, we were to choose one and write down our thoughts about it....

    Then we had discussion about the past three chapters...and Mrs. Moritz asked us a few questions, which I inconveniently did not write down, but they had to do with Jeanne's father and her hobbies. In addition, she wanted to know if any of us actually read the chapters because we had a slow morning and were too tired to really respond. Then the bell rang...... =] <3 Jordan

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