Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Thursday, May 03, 2007

6th Hour Manzanar Scribe--Friday

BAH SORRY MY SCRIBE TOOK SO LONG TO DO. I'm sure you all missed it terribly.

Today, we had a substitute in English because Mrs. Moritz was at a reading conference. Or was she attending her son’s ear surgery? Hm. She was not here, nonetheless. To begin class, the sub called our names on roll and checked our sticky-note discussion questions. We arranged our desks into a circle and began discussing. Natali, Liz, and Kayla led the discussion. Among the topics were Jeanne’s father’s interrogation, and the possibility that he deliberately ‘forgot’ her name when listing his children’s names in an effort to spare her misfortune or discomfort. We also discussed the placid way in which Jeanne’s mother accepted her father’s threats and rage, wondering if she wanted him to kill her. We talked about how Americans living in Japan would react if the same restrictions were placed on their existence, and decided that the Japanese were more willing to accept these hardships because they believed that an American life would lead to more fortune and possibility for the future, however, Americans living in Japan would simply become angry and do everything in their power to have the camps abolished and go home. After discussing for a while, we found we had little left to say, and began reading chapters 10, 11, and 12.
If you didn’t finish chapters 10-12, finish them for homework, and don’t forget 3 more discussion questions for Monday!


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