Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fictionalized Reality

Think about Mildred's, Mrs. Phelp's and Mrs. Bowles' reality? How is it so warped? Do you see this happening in our reality today? Give examples. Consider the recent popularity of “reality TV shows.”

Describe a few reality shows that you have either watched or heard about.

Why do you think modern audiences are so fascinated by these shows?

To what extent are they “real”?

To what extent are they fictionalized?



    THESE LADIES REALITY IS WARPED BY WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE AND WAHT THEY MAKE REAL TO THEMSELVES. the telescreen, or parlor walls, are what they want to believe so they immerse themselves deeply in this "alternate reality".

    I DO BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD TODAY. TO AN EXTENT, WE ONLY SEE WHAT WE WANT AND WHAT IS IN FRONT OF OUR FACES. i do have a lot of faith in our society, however, and i know that if we all strive to look beyond and remember and interpret, that we can't lose ourselves too much ;)

    AN EXAMPLE OF GOOD ALTERNATE REALITY IS PLAYING PRETEND AS A LITTLE KID. fairies, elves, the whole 9 yards! who doesn't love to do that?! it teaches kids the difference between this world and their minds. THIS BECOMES BAD WHEN WE FORGET THIS WORLD AND LIVE ENTIRELY IN OUR HEADS.



    By Blogger CMeghan, at 11:16 AM  

  • Hey All!

    To be honest, it's becoming unclear to me whether Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Blowles are real. I'm pretty sure that was something Bradbury did on purpose.

    It's quite interesting to relate this to reality today. I mean, when you think about it, actors or even characters on TV or in movies are becoming more and more like real people. It's gotten to to the point where audiences end up pretending they're real for the show and carrying it with them after the show/movie has ended. That's where TV/Movies cause problems, because people don't know how to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

    Reality TV shows are so incredibley popular because the characters and actors don't seem that far away from real people. The lines don't seem rehearsed and the actions don't seem set up. People are able to relate more easily to that, and unfortunately, get reeled in a lot easier.

    By Blogger RachelP, at 11:16 AM  

  • Let me clarify reality TV or fictionalized reality. These are shows like SURVIVOR, THE BACHELOR, LAGUNA BEACH, THE REAL WORLD...shows that say they are real, but they are not. They are SCRIPTED. Grey's Anantomy is a GREAT show, but it is not a reality tv show and it is not presented like a reality tv show. So Meghan, I agree with you that it is an awesome show that lets you forget your reality and existence for a little while, but it is not Reality TV. Sorry. :(

    By Blogger mmoritz, at 2:05 PM  

  • the ladies in Farenheight 451 world is warped because there whole world revolves around the telescreen. Millie only watches tv all the time in the parlor. She watches television so much that she even watches it with her friends. I think that people today are so interested in reality shows because it is fun to watch the drama and to relate yourself to the other people in real life. It is similar to the book in a certain way. WE are obsessed with television (reality shows) at the most, yet not as strongly as MIllie and her friends are. We do talk about what goes on on the shows and have our own views, we just don't ususally watch television 24/7

    By Blogger tneal8, at 2:14 PM  

  • I think Meghan had a GREAT point when she said the parlor walls were basically an 'alternate reality.' Rachel also made a great point when she said reality TV was so popular because people easily relate to the characters. Also, another good point made by Rachel was that it is hard for people nowadays to distinguish reality from fiction

    From what little reality tv i watch, like sometimes Til Death and a whole bunch of other misc. shows, I can see how easy it would be to become drawn into them, especially as a devoted viewer. They are pretty addictive mostly because I guess people feel overwhelmed with their problems and want to see and understand that other people, whether they be real or tv characters, have problems too. Plus they are pretty interesting and sometimes funny.

    Lets see...the shows are 'real' because the actors are facing semi-real life problems that most audiences could either relate to or understand could happen. They are 'unreal' because most of the time, the main characters solve the problem by the end of the show and it's a "and they lived happily ever after" story. Unfortunately, these words are not the usual ending to most people's problems.

    By Blogger Alison B, at 2:25 PM  

  • Basically there are two types of reality shows: the type with people forced together (Laguna Beach, The Bachelor, The Real World) and the type with a prize or contest involved (American Idol, Top Modle, Projcet Runway). I think that people are so fascinated by these shows because there is always an element of surprise, or mystery. These shows are very fake and not real. I think that if they were mostly real then the people would be bored because it would be like everyday life. Sometimes even if the drama really did happen and it wasn't scripted, the producers or someone does things the try to make it happen and cause conflict. So even if it doesn't naturally occur by itself it can still be called 'reality'. A lot of the relationships on shows like The Bachelor are very fictionalized. Not one of the couples that have been married acutally have stayed together and it is all a hoax. On the contrary, a few shows that have contests actually do happen and follow through. The winners really do get their prizes and can make careers off of it sometimes but some people might say that the contests are rigged.

    By Blogger SallyV, at 2:30 PM  

  • Their reality was warped by their TVs. The line inbetween became hazy.

    Reality shows such as laguna beach and wwe wrestling want you to think they are real, however they are not.

    People want these shows to be films of Peoples real life.

    They are not real at all

    They are totally fictionalized and scripted

    By Blogger Barry Tischler, at 2:32 PM  

  • I agree with Tessa. The ladies are obsessed with the three or even four television walls. I think that today reality tv can warp people. Like America's Next Top Model sets standards for what you have to be like and act like to be a model or pretty. I think that some of the shows show false stereotypes about people. Like in Laguna Beach it generalizes that girls are catty to each other for no apparent reason. Maybe some girls are but some aren't. But if you are growing up watching that, girls may believe thats how they should act.

    By Blogger kkanski, at 2:39 PM  

  • The three ladies reality remains only in the TV. Their world and their lives revolve around the television and what goes on inside of it that they are completely oblivious to what is actually going on in the real world. This is so warped because their main concern and feelings go toward their television family instead of their real family. I see this happening in our reality today somewhat, but not to the extent of the book's characters. What is pretty sad is that many teens and adults love and are addicted to reality TV shows and that is the point of many of their conversations. A couple reality shows include Laguna Beach, Survivor, many that Mrs.Moritz listed. (I don't watch a lot of TV at all, so I don't know of many shows, but I guess that's a good thing:) I think modern audiences are so fascinated by these shows, because Americans like to see people just like them going through same things. And sadly enough, some Americans love to watch people suffer and be hurt and go through awful times, because they think it's great entertainment. They are real in a sense that there are real people living their real everyday lives and just acting human, but some of the drama that goes on in the shows is obviously not real. For example, the show Survivor couldn't be real because there are people stranded and yet there are many photographers taking live footage from many camera angles.

    By Blogger erikaw, at 2:42 PM  

  • Their realities are so warped because most that they know of comes from the parlor and other people around them. If you think, in your life, of the people that influence you, they have shaped you into the person that you are today. You have morals and goals and you live in the normal society. However, if the people that have influenced you are exactly like you and everyone else around you, there is no way to be an individual. Mrs. Bowles, Mrs. Phelps, and Mildred are no different from each other because the people that taught them to be who they are were no different than everyone else. They like the same things and live the same lives everyday. The same is their reality. There is never anything different.
    The reality shows now are not much different. These shows are going for the ratings that they can get and not really for what reality is. They can make things as askew as they want, just as long as they get the ratings.

    By Blogger emilyh, at 3:06 PM  

  • The three women characters in Bradbury's novel seem to actually believe that the parlor walls are "real" and fail to recognize that what actually were "real" would be books. The television shows have literally taken over their lives so that the characters on the screen are closer to them than their husbands and children.

    I do agree that television has started to dominate society. I did a little research and found that an estimated 99% of homes in the United States own at least one television set and that the average American watches about 4 hours of TV every day (28 hrs per week). However, the difference between our television and that in Fahrenheit 451 is that the contents of many programs today are educational and informative (news, discovery channel...etc).

    An example of a reality show, as mentioned by cmeghan, would be Grey's Anatomy. This reality show, though I personally have never seen it, is often praised by teens and adults alike. I think people are so fascinated with reality shows because they create the illusion that these things happen every single day, though some of the events in such shows are farfetched. I definitely agree with cmeghan when she said that these reality shows come from a person's imagination and that we can not let these shows become our lives or else we lose ourselves.

    I found the television facts on the website
    This source is legit to me after searching it, but be wary! To find out more amazing statistics go to the web page.

    By Blogger kchurchill, at 3:16 PM  

  • The ladies in the book seem really obsessed about this reality show because they actually believe it is real and hate anyone who interupts them during their precious time (Montag).

    I agree with cmeghan in what she says about how we only see what we want to see and what is in front of our faces. I also agree with what she says about how it can become dangerous when we only live in our minds.

    I have seen many reality TV shows and personally I think they are really stupid. All these shows like THE BACHALOR, and SURVIVOR are gross and fill our heads with stupid notions. But there are some good reality TV shows such as EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER which actually shows that there still is some compassion left in this world and how people are making a difference in the world today instead of how fast we can eat a dead bird and cow's liver raw. (that was on the last show of SURVIVOR I saw- YUCK!)

    By Blogger clewis, at 3:25 PM  

  • I think that the women in this section of reading have a warped reality in the sense that all they live and breathe seems to be the Parlor walls and their "family." In a way it's as if they understand that world is so much more simple and uncomplicated compared to the true ways of their world. I think that it does happen today in our world with our tv shows like survivor and laguna beach. Even though I've never seen Laguna Beach, I've heard many things about how it's scripted and everything yet people are still enthralled with it. Maybe it's because it deals with the viewers' common interests and in a way that the viewers can relate. And I agree with Meg about the whole playing pretend helps kids discern between reality and imagination. Oh yes Meg, you and I can definately understand this ; )!! And Rachel that's an interesting point about how you're starting to question the reality of Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles. I do think that was an author's tactic to impress upon his readers his message yet I also think that they are real. Because Montag can see adn converse with them as well.

    By Blogger Chelley D, at 3:43 PM  

  • The womens reality is warped because the tv is their life. They dont have jobs, or atleast I dont think so, and so all day they just sit and watch. I agree with many people who have said that the women are closer to the characters on tv than their own famalies.

    I think people think reality shows are so real because the people on them are going through conflicts that everyone can relate too. I mean who hasnt had a friend or relationship problem? Also, there are people portraying the mean girl, or the nice girl, or the jerk etc. When people recognize that those people are similar to the people they interact with they can relate better.

    I was actually watching an interesting show on VH1 a while ago on reality tv shows. It pretty much went behind the scenes and talked to the people who made the show. The casting people said that they try to cast a hansome guy, an annoying girl, the girl everyone loves, and the guy everyone hates etc. It was really interesting to hear these people just come out and say that it is all fake, and they coach the contestants/roomates/whatever on what they are supposed to do.

    By Blogger NatalieJ, at 3:48 PM  

  • Mildred, Mrs. Phelp, and Mrs. Bowles all think that the television is their reality. They actually believe that the people on the screens are their "family" and that they can speak to them. In a way I kind of see this happening in our reality today because everyone watches these "reality" shows and they get addicted. Like Mrs. Moritz was saying today in 6th hour that people have parties where they watch the reality tv show together, that is just crazy and shows that these people are a little too obsessed with the shows they watch. I do think though that today reality tv shows are more popular than sitcoms or dramas. I think people are fascinated by these shows because they can kind of relate to how the "cast" reacts and what they would have done in their situations. I guess what I am trying to say is that people like to watch REAL people, not the "image" that we see in magazines and how we are supposed to look becuase that is so unnnatural and so unrealistic for us all to look THAT perfect. There is no way that all of us can be a certain size and look a certain way, ITS IMPOSSIBLE! Even though some of the "reality" tv shows really aren't REAL, it still makes the viewer want to watch it more becuase they feel like they are watching "imperfect" people just like themselves. Some reality tv shows are fictionalized just to make viewers want to watch it more. Like Laguna Beach, everyone wants to watch it more when there is more drama in the "cast's" lives, so the producers create drama to give the audience what they want. Overall, if reality tv is going to be called REALITY TV, IT SHOULD BE REAL.

    By Blogger jcard, at 4:00 PM  

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    By Blogger goodriddance, at 4:02 PM  

  • The ladies realities are controlled by the parlor walls. They are a total distraction from real life. This is the whole point of the TV in the book. It is there to warp people out of reality and into a total fun zone. Today peoples scheduals revolve around TV. Students do their homework at a certain time, or don't do it at all, beacause of a certain show on TV. I personally have to rush to get my homework done before Avs or Broncos games.
    Reality TV is all over TV because people actually watch it. The reason reality TV is so popular is because it is made to be addicting. Some shows are addictive while others aren't. The addictive ones are the most poular. None of reality TV is real, because it is all scripted. They are scripted to show thing people don't see every day and things that intrest the average person. In my opinion TV stations should boycott reality TV, because it's just not real.

    By Blogger goodriddance, at 4:05 PM  

  • In today's world people's favorite shows are usually reality shows, shows that look like them. Most shows that are portrayed as reality shows like laguna beach and all of that stuff are actually scripted, but that doesnt really make a difference. All of these things could happen in real life, they don't use any special effects or anything. Their reality is warped because they see everybody on those shows as real people, and today some people think that the reality show actors are real too.

    By Blogger hmadsen, at 4:17 PM  

  • The womens reality is compleatly warped due to what their lives revolve around. Their reality is all about being apart of the "family" and isn't really about actual people. It is happening in our reality today because everyone wants to be just like the people in Laguna Beach or in Real World. Everybody wants to be apart of the perfect life and know all of the latest gossip. Modern audiences are attracted to these shows because in some cases we can relate to what is happening and other times we want to be apart of what is happening in the shows.

    By Blogger Liz, at 4:24 PM  

  • I am kind of like Alison and have very little time to watch television, so when I do watch it, it seems hard to grasp the concept that this is not real and everything said comes from a script. Especially when the show is so interesting. The women in this book are so obsessed with the television they forget about their regular lives and devote their time to their "families". I do know some people who will forget the plans that they made to watch and see what happens on this weeks episode of their "reality" show. I mean the last time it was the final rond in Survivor my friend wouldn't come with us just so they could see who "won".

    The only reality shows that I know of are all of the shows that Mrs. Moritz listed. I think so many people are drawn into these shows is because they can relate to them in some way, shape, or form. Such as in Laguna Beach when tensions rage between the "friends" people can relate to fights they have gotten into with their friends. They can only be real to the extent of having similar situations that occur in everyday life. But the majority of the shows are fake I mean there is no way that crazy things that go on in Survivor actually occur.

    By Blogger kaytlinr, at 4:37 PM  

  • Reality shows have become so popular because the characters are either someone that the public can relate to OR someone thats life is amazing. But, these shows tend to be more scripted then real. The producers give these people cool things to do so their lives look cooler then they actually are.
    Most of the time, these people would never do anything like the things their doing on the show.

    Also, they put all these differant steriotypes (the popular one, the nerdy one, the list goes on and on) so that the veiwers can relate to at least one person on the show. Its just a way to hook people on their show. I was watching this show on vh1 and it was talking about all the flaws on reality tv, and it said that many times, the steriotypes that people are given, are often not how they are in real life! Reality shows are not as real as you think.

    By Blogger haleycc, at 4:38 PM  

  • the lady's reality is so warped because they watch so much television, so ideas are constantly put in their heads, and they are quite brainwashed. I definitely see this happening in reality today because what happens on t.v never stays on t.v.; people go out and imitate what they see on t.v. because they think that it is the right thing to do. We also believe a lot of what is told to us from the news and other shows becasue our natural instincts are trust. Reality t.v. definitely plays a role in our being brainwashed. For example, take the hit show Degrassi, a lot of teens copy it because it is about teenagers and we follow what they do, becasue that show is "popular". The reality shows are "real" to the extent that they are based off of situations that could really happen. However, they are often exaggerated and more dramatic, because it makes the show more interesting.

    By Blogger melissaq, at 4:55 PM  

  • I don't totally agree with all of you who say that people watch reality TV because they can relate to the characters and whatnot. I can't think of one person who was stranded on a desert island and had the think of schemes to get everyone off the island before they got kicked out. For this reason, I think that a lot of people use reality TV as an escape from their own problems. Lets say that you just came out of an absolutley awful relationship and you just feel terrible. If you flip on some reality show and see how bad their lives are and how simple your life is compared to theirs, you won't feel as bad. I think the ladies in the book have figured out to some extent that their life is pretty meaningless. And unlike Montag or Faber, they don't try to change it. Instead, they escape into the four walls of the parlor room and become immersed in the problems of the people on TV because it is most likely far more interesting than anything that can happen to them.

    By Blogger Kristen F., at 5:17 PM  

  • I have seen a few of the reality shows on TV like the real world or survivor or lost etc. People love these shows i think because of the drama. They love to see people fight with eachother, and our culture has always had a strange attraction to tragedy. Shows like grey's anoatomy or CSI show this. The shows to a certain extent are real because they portray real people in real situations that are usually possible. They are fake also to a certain extent, because the stories aren't true, and most of the time, peopledo miraculous things that you wouldn't normally see.

    By Blogger kmatthews, at 5:44 PM  

  • I agree with Kristen. To me, reality TV is not so much something people can relate to as it is something people are entertained by. The pure essence of reality TV is entertainment. I watched a documentary news show a few months ago when it interviewed a woman who worked in reality TV. She said that really the only thing real about "reality" TV was that it wasn't scripted. That doesn't mean it isn't staged or produced by actors.
    It has been established in this book that people in general only care about their own immediate entertainment. That is the way the government, or "the system", wants it and Mildred and her friends have complied. They don't careabout anything except entertaining themselves and they believe that individual thinking is bad.

    By Blogger Whitney*P, at 5:44 PM  

  • I think that the three ladies make TV way too much of their life. Although I think they mainly see it as entertainment and something to do, it's like they live through the lives of the fake characters on the TV. They don't seem to know the difference between real life and TV's "real" life. It's sad to see that these women see marriage and raising a family as something to do just to pass the time. I was especially surprised at Mrs. Bowles' story about all 12 of her abortions and 2 C-sections and Mrs. Phelps' three marriages. Although I don't think that people are this extreme today, it does seem that society takes the easy way out when confronted with a difficult situation.

    Today, TV seems to rule our lives, too, although maybe not to such an extreme degree. I loved kchurchill's TV statistics! They are insane, but so true. People do like sitcoms and soap operas but in the last few years especially society has been hooked on reality shows. I think this is because the people on them are so passionate and extreme whether they're beautiful or talented or doesn't really matter as long as they're over-the-top. I personally find this humorous and entertaining. Another reason people are drawn to reality shows is because the characters are usually placed in some crazy situation that looks fun or at least interesting. Sometimes these scenarios are things we would like to do, so it's like we can relate or at least live our dream through them. I'm not sure about the amount of "scriptedness" that is in reality TV, but I definitely think that editing can twist the show into whatever the producer or director wants it to be in order to get higher ratings.

    By Blogger Rachel K, at 6:25 PM  

  • The ladie's reality is so warped because that think that fictional characters are their 'faimly', that they and their lives are more important than what is going on around them, such as what their husbands are doing and what is going on in their lives. They choose to gossip about what is on in the parlor, not what the neighbors did. To a degree that does occur today. We choose to talk and speculate about what will happen in the next episodes. Which character will be with who, who will be mad at who, which friendships will be braken up and which friendships will be formed? A major way that we are different from the ladies in 451, is that we also ask the above questions about the people in oue lives. We do not just talk and gossip about TV characters, where ever they might live in the would, we talk and gossip about people living where we do, going to the same places that we go to.

    I agree with goodriddence when he says that the reality shows that are the most popular are the addictive ones. That the TV companies decide if they want them to be addictive or not. This also makes me think that there are many different kinds of addictive reality shows.

    Some shows, like The Hills and Laguna Beach are addictive as they are connected, one is branched off from the other. So, if you just can't stop watching one, then you can't stop watching the other. For me, it was that way with the Hills. I had watched Laguna Beach and I really like LC's character, so when I heard that she was getting her own show, I just had to watch it.

    I think that we love to watch these shows, not just The Hills and Laguna Beach but reality shows in general, because it is a great escape from our lives. We want to be able to watch someone else go through problems, deal with tragity and trauma, like kmatthews said. The two shows that I watch take place in the Orange County, Calafornia. There is always something facinating associated with CA, espcially the rich areas of it. So it is fun to watch who the rich teens interact with each other. It is interesting to see how you can relate to them and what they are going through in their lives which is shown on MTV.

    I know that all that is shown does not take place in the exact order or with the time line that we see, although when you are watching the shows you do not really mind. All that you care about is if the story line makes sense or not. If the edited version makes more sense for the viewer at home, then that is what we should be shown. After all, we know that this is a reality TV show, not a documentary which has not been edited for content errors or changes.

    They are fictionalized in the way that many of you have said, we want to see conflict and drama. What the viewer wants the viewer gets. So, if we want to see a huge messy break-up, then we will see the "perfect" couple break up and have it cause nasty rumors. We, as the viewer love this, great TV viewing. But what about the people in the reality shows? Although they have agreed to be on there, what does it do to their lives? The viewers love the big break-up, but does the couple, how ever mad they are at each other, truly want their personal relationship broadcast to the world? It is also staged in the way that people act differently in front of a camera than they do normally. That right there will bring out the drama queen(s), the shy people, and the people that are always there- in the spot light.

    By Blogger alysew, at 7:00 PM  

  • I think that to us it may appear that their reality is terribly warped, however I think that that was just life to them. You could tell them that once parlor walls were called TVs and that they didn't even take up a whole wall. If you did this they would look at you like you were from Mars. It would be like telling someone who lives in Antartica that there are places where it is warm, they do not know these facts and therefore do not accept them because they are not a part of their reality. So really, I think reality and whether or not it is warped depends on who you are, if you use one of those silly mirrors that is all squigly you know you're not like that but the people who can only see the reflection can only assume that that is the way you really are and are therefore WARPED.

    By Blogger Sander K., at 7:01 PM  

  • I personally think that people like watching reality TV because they can escape from their stressful lives and watch others suffer in a way similar to themselves. It helps people "cope" with their problems by comparing them to someone else's problems. Also, hardly anything on TV is true to life, because if it was, who would want to watch it? TV is a total escape for people where all they have to worry about is what time the microwave dinner is done cooking.

    As many people have commented before, Bradbury's story is coming true in many aspects. People love their TVs and electronic and many people (including me;) talk about characters from TV shows as if they actually knew them. Based on how much TV people do watch, that wouldn't be surprising.

    Commenting on what lots of others have said before, TV does shape most of society's viewpoints and thoughts about the outside world. My mom's a nurse at Swedish Hospital and one of Laura's and my favorite shows is House M.D., which is a medical drama that focuses on three interns and their difficult doctor-supervisor. Anyway, my mom can't stand that show because of how falsely it portrays the medical department. Half of what the show shows the doctors doing is actually what the nurses do in real life. Of course most people wouldn't know this because that is mostly the only experience they get in the medical field.

    I have a question about the TV ladies: What is the women's role in this society. Other than librarians, does anybody know what the women could be doing other than watching TV? What are their alternatives that could be positive to their families or husbands?

    By Blogger Julia B, at 7:06 PM  

  • These three ladies have no reality in their minds. They do as they're told, and they believe that TALKING TO A TV is adequate for staying connected to your "family".

    They believe everything they're told, and hve no own opinions and inner sense of themselves. Like on Laguna Beach; many people watch that show and think Oh I should act like that since they are rich and beautfiful and it works for them...they got their own REAL TV SHOW from it!!!! But we all know the truth, that they're honestly acting since a camera is there.

    Many young girls (and some boys) are influenced by the media and these reality TV shows. When they see pretty people on TV, they want to be like them too. Hey, when I was little I wanted to be Pochahontas since she got to explore all day or like Francine from Arthur since she had a rebel cause that I was attracted to.

    The only difference here is that the three ladies in the book are following what they are told to do, always thinking what others do is right. I just wanted to experiment...come out of my protective shell...unlike these three and their small sheltered world.


    By Blogger KylieYoum, at 7:12 PM  

  • Oh and I just reread what Kristen was saying, and I think she said it PERFECTLY.

    These people watch TV shows to escape their own problems....and they see a drunk lady on Real World and think "oh, it's okay, I can do it too since someone on TV is. I'm not alone in this world."

    It's something all the companies do, to keep the viewers interested since they have something to watch and learn from.

    By Blogger KylieYoum, at 7:14 PM  



    By Blogger CMeghan, at 7:21 PM  

  • I think that the ladies reality is warped in theat they believe that some of the things that the see they cant recognize if it is real or not. Like mhat meghan said some of the things they see on the parlor walls they make themselves believe that they are reality.

    I dont normally watch reality TV i try to stick to ESPN however i have watched shows like real world survivor and many other game shows of that sort. I think that to an extent they are real but i would say less than 50% most of what we see is what the producers want us to see to keep us hooked. Especially in the competitions someone is kept around because they are controversial and create drama which may be scripted as well.

    By Blogger Dan E, at 7:23 PM  




    By Blogger CMeghan, at 7:27 PM  

  • I am going to quote a line from the 1984 play and say "Reality dosen't exist in the outside world, reality is inside here. Your head." Or something like that. Anyway, reality is different between people. Reality tv is trying to appeal to what they view as a najority's reality. Mildred and her friends have been brainwashed into believeing that the parlor is reality. Much in the same way Winston was brainwashed into believeing 2 and 2 make 5. Because they have nothing else to do, it is repetedly beaten into thier heads that the 'family' is family.

    As you can tell I just got back from Run Crew. Does anyone else relate the book or play (1984) to Farenheit 451 (besides the fact that they both deal with challenging the system.

    By Blogger Rachel L, at 7:29 PM  

  • I think alot of people are having great ideas, but I really agree with Kirsten. As far as I know, none of us live in Laugna Beach. And I'm pretty sure none of us are running across the beach screaming STEEEVENN! (kirstin in lauguna) In some ways, shows like these are our alternate realities. We can escape our problems on a personal level and get caught up in someone else's drama that probably won't impact our lives what so ever. Laguna Beach is kind of the fantasy of millions of teenage girls (and boys I'm sure) across the country. Anyone ever heard of the store Hollister? Stores like Hollister are kind of stepping outside the walls of the television and making it some-what reality. It's as close as we can come, as of now.

    Kristen also triggered a conversation that we had in history a couple weeks ago. If you watch the national news, or even local, 90% is negative reports. It could be some death count, a developing hurricane, some kind of murderer on the run, etc. I would assume that a good percentage of the population watch then news to feel good about themselves. It's kind of the "no matter how bad my day way, there's always someone worse off than me" feeling. I know I'm guilty of it. I mean the news isn't obviously not a reality tv show, but it does kind of take us out of our element.

    Just as one more thing, the next real world is Denver. I was eating at Chillie's with a bunch of my friends on the 16th street mall in july when in walks the entire cast of the show. they sat at the table right behind us. The director was litrally stopping the camera every few minutes and giving the 7 people "tips" on what to say next. So I can tell all of you by personal experience that reality tv is anything but real.

    By Blogger Martha P., at 7:47 PM  

  • Mildred and her friends, are completely obsorbed by what they see on their television. They are so absorbed in it that they take it for truth without question. I do see this happening today as people reference things that happened on their favorite TV shows. They relate a comical situation to something they saw on that '70's show.

    I don't really watch reality TV shows but I guess some people have talked about things like the bachelor, which fall under "reality" TV. Although, they depict outrageous situations that would likely never occur in a lifetime.

    I think we enjoy these shows so much because they show people who we can relate to who go through incredible and exciting experiences that we envy.

    I agree with everyone who said that they are scripted to a degree. I think that they have some real elements yet majority of the show is unrealistic and outlandish.

    They are fictionalized incredibly as well as being greatly dramatized. They alter situations and manipulate things to make it more interesting.

    By Blogger Tony J., at 7:49 PM  

  • The reality of Mrs. Montag, Mrs. Phelps, and Mrs. Bowles is definetely altered from actual reality. They believe in the parlor and what it tells them is reality. I think that our society is, in a way, following the same trend as those in the book Fahrenheit 451 . We get together in almost parties just to watch a reality show. Some of us are obsessed about some shows like the Real World, Laguna Beach, Survivor, etc. I think that we are so fasinated with them because they are like our reality but different, kind of like an alternate universe so that's why it is so facinating. But even though they are called "reality" shows, they are far from actual reality. They are mostly scripted and the peole are told what to say and to to make for better TV and ratings. This false reality is what these women think are the actual reality because they live by the parlor.

    By Blogger Kayla F, at 7:56 PM  

  • in todays reality TV shows, people want to be involved in. many of these shows give a false reality, that make people want to be them. they believe because its on TV they can do it. unfortunately, alot of things that happen are corrupt. and many of these things cause people to do things that are bad, and they would not have done w/out that. i believe that this happens in Mildreds world b/c she wants her life to be the same one in tv. and i would bet that if one of her "relatives" told her to do anything, she would do it b/c it seems like a good idea when they do/say it.

    By Blogger sean b, at 8:06 PM  

  • I think Sally is right in realizing the two types of reality TV- People forced together, and one in which the contestants are reaching towards a goal, usually a huge chunk of cash and some bragging rights. They are very different in my opinion. The only kind I can STAND are the contest ones. Like So You Think You Can Dance, that is a great show.

    I am guessing modern audiences are fascinated by shows like it because yes I know it has kind of been mentioned but I wouldn't have any point to make if I didnt say it, so anyway audiences can connect with the contestants and can be against some of them and love others, and there is always the randomness of it, the voting people off the show, the hope that the person you are rooting for will make it, and the anger when they don't(everyone heard about it from me when Allison got kicked off, it brings tears to my eyes ahahah no just kidding)Oh and this brings up what Julia was saying, about talking about the characters or contestants as if we actually know the people. We don't, well unless we actually do, but that is rare and I just confused myself. For example, if I saw Allsion somewhere I would be able to have an entire conversation with her, about how she totally shouldn't have been kicked off, and all the other contestants, and the whole time she would be looking at me wondering who the heck I am.

    What I am confused about though(apologies if someone has brought this up, but I have not read every post thouroughly), anyway I am confused about WHY Mildred can devote her life to watching the TV, the pointless arguments, the non-plotness of it all, just filling in her lines like she is told to do. We discussed this in class, and I think I said that it reminds me a bit too strongly of Blue's Clues, or Dora the Explorer. That is entertainment for kids maybe up to 6, but how can adults actually believe that they are being talked to, listened to, that if they met the characters on the street they would know who they are.

    Basically I think what I just said was that the difference in today's TV and the TV that Bradbury's characters watch is that we have a better perception of what is real and what is not. We know that it is a wide world and the characters have NO IDEA who we are, some faceless viewer of their show, but I am sure that if Mildred or any of the others saw their "family" somewhere, they would fully expect recognition, the amount of time they have spent with each other.

    By Blogger Tina L, at 8:33 PM  

  • Hmmmmm, I'll pick and chose what i want to answer. Modern audiences are so interested by these kinds of shows because they see that other people just like them can be famous and do exiting things. People also find it interesting to see how people like them react to certain situations. They also give the viewer the ilusion that they could do somthing but sit on the couch and do exicting things like the people on the screen. These types of shows are to an extent fictionalized beacuse the events and activities the contestants participate in wouldnt happen in REALITY. In reality no one would offer you a million dollars or an island to live on. The way that they are edited somtimes can effect the original conten of the events.

    By Blogger Laine G, at 8:35 PM  

  • I agree with Martha and Kristen. Reality Shows are not reality, they are what we want our reality to be like. It is also a fictional world made up for the enjoyment of the masses, and is an excuse for us to sit and vegetate in front of the TV. They are the realities that we want our world to be like, and so we watch them and try to mirrior them. I mean, how many people have you heard say they want to be on survivor, or American Idol, or Laguna Beach, or The Real World? I bet its a lot more people than the amount of people who say they want to be a senator or a congressman. You never see shows where the producers actually pay the actors instead of the other way around! In the book, Mildred and her friends actually think they live in this reality, which is the last step that we have to take to really believe in the TV and taht the people are real and it is actually happening. They treat Reality TV as their only news sorce! I personally think that we are about to take that last step soon!

    By Blogger KraziCoconut1014, at 8:55 PM  

    Has anyone noticed how history has been repeating itself? From the earliest civilizations, there has been some form of reality entertainment. Early man would re-enact a hunt. Greeks would stage physical contests, poetry, and plays. Romans pitted man and beast, re-created sea and land battles and held contests. Mid-evil peoples had jousting, plays, and poetry. Acting became more and more common, reality and fiction slowly blurred. Today, some can hardly tell it apart. I think that we have conformed our society around what others portray as "real", it isn’t real though. All these wonderful shows are made and produced by rich people who only want more. Viewers only wish that their lives had drama in many cases. I would not doubt it if someone broke up with her boyfriend because Malibu Barbie found out that Ken was cheating on her with Kelly and the viewer thought that Ken was much to like her boyfriend and that he MUST be having an affair. Many people live on television, there is no denying it. This is by no means to be taken as an insult or comment on ANYONE I know so please don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t watch "reality TV" so my perspective is somewhat skewed. I know I am a nerd because I brought history into the subject but it is true and you know it!!!

    By Blogger katieorlandini, at 9:00 PM  

  • The realities of Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Bowles, and Mildred are so warped because the message they are being given by their "family" or the television is backward. Their priorities are messed up. They think it is important to get the kids out of the house and never have to deal with them, while I think it is important to spend time with your kids, discipline them, love them, and be a good example. Their reality is so warped because they are so dependent on something so artificial and so deceptive. They no longer understand the meaning or significance of things. I can see this somewhat happening today in the way that technology is so prevelent. Such things like the internet, video games, and television have a growing grip on the society and the minds of people. People are much more addicted and decepted by the shows they constantly watch. Many time people believe or follow the messages they are being given in the technology without verifing or testing what it says. I don't believe our realities are overwhelmingly warped yet. People still have the choice as to how much technology they allow into their minds, and often their is restrictions for young people with technology.

    One show that I have heard about in the past is the Bachelor. In this show a man chooses his wife out of 20 or so girls that are chosen to be on the show. The camera follows his decision making until he gets married to the lucky girl. Audiences are so fascinated by this show and others like it because people like to observe problems or drama that is not their own. These shows are fictionalized in that they create drama and problems and read them off of scripts. Their are fake tears and fake smiles. They are real in the fact that they are real people in real places.

    By Blogger cvanessen2, at 9:04 PM  

  • Just a little side note... does anyone thing it's ironic that these shows are called REALITY TV, when they couldn't be farther from real? Just thought that was interesting.

    Everyone had excelent points. Chelley, I especially liked the point you made about the shows relating to people's common interests. And Kylie, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said:

    "Oh I should act like that since they are rich and beautfiful and it works for them...they got their own REAL TV SHOW from it!!!! But we all know the truth, that they're honestly acting since a camera is there."

    Our society is so caught up in reading magazines and books, watching reality TV shows and reading "Dear Abby" letters to get advice that they think it will just solve their problems. Paticularly relationship problems. Unfortunately the biggest audience is teens.

    Everyone wants to be noticed right? I meanm, everyone gets those butterflies in the stomach and the stars blurring your vision at least once. You see these things on TV or read about them and think, "Omigosh! This is exactly what I'm going through! Maybe I should try that!" You think that just because a certain sappy line worked in a movie it's going to help you.

    This makes me think of a story.

    I was watching the behind the scenes of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The sword master, Bob Anderson, wanted a certain thing done between Viggo and the stunt Uruk hai team. (That's Elvish for the good guy vs. the bad guy. lol. jk.) Anyway, the stunt coordinator was like, "Bob, in real life that's not how it would have been done." And Bob just chuckled and went, "Haha my boy, this is the movies!"

    I hate to break it to you chaps and chapessess, but life ain't the movies. I think we sometimes forget that. I'm guilty of it, I'll be the first to admit it. But the thing that defines reality from fiction is whether we follow through with it or not, and can correct our own mistakes. Whether we can carve our own path.

    So, now that I've had to re-type the word "Whether" sixty million times because me fingers just ain't connectin' to me brain I'm so tired... (Yay for drama! :))I'm going to get some shut eye and see you all mañana.


    By Blogger RachelP, at 9:10 PM  

  • The only reality, or at least the only reality the women want to face, is the parlor. It shows them what some people think should be shown. Like reality TV, some people choose what the public will see.
    A reality show that comes to mind is "Made" on MTV. I think it is interesting because it shows the rags to riches story everyone has always been so interested in. It is real in some way, that it has real people and a real goal. But, you never really know what is fake and what isn't with reality TV.

    By Blogger Annika E, at 9:13 PM  

  • Mildred and all her friends are really out of it. they think that their walls are real life when they're really not.(no different from the women today)The society makes them believe this becxause the society wants them to think, act, and behave how they want. In tFarenheit the society wanted them to be calm and not think about different ideas.By using the walls/Reality shows society controls the fads and behavior of the society.

    By Blogger shane, at 10:21 PM  

  • I agree with pretty much everyone. All the ladies are so obsessed with the parlor that it just shows how naive they are. Because of the fact that no one really strives to better themselves they just stay in the parlor because they don't really have to think about anything while they are in there. They do not have to analyze anything. The ladies can also relate to the "family" because they don't really have any problems. For example, Mildred doesn't have much stress in her life because it all revolves around the parlor and her "family". I'm sure that she believes there to be drama and complications involved in the parlor and whatnot, but i doubt it actually exists.

    I relate this best to Laguna Beach. This is because most teens really like this show because they can relate to it. Although the show is set up with a bunch of super rich kids who believe they lead tragic lives when they can't go out and party every night of the week, the show actually has some issues that a lot of teens deal with. Whether it be having problems with friends, or boyfriends and girlfriends, or making decissions about how you're going to decide what you do after you graduate high school, teens can relate to this.

    By Blogger , at 9:05 AM  

  • After reading about Mildred and her friends's warped reality, I can honsestly say that I am starting to see some of that today. People are starting to belives that television shows are real. When you walk around the halls at school, you will hear people talk about the OC and Laguna Beach like they are real. People forget that these shows are here to entertain us. Even now when you turn on MTV you see all these "reality shows". How often do you really see someone getting pimped or made. NEVER! If reality shows are so real, then why aren't they happening to all of us?

    By Blogger tchilton, at 2:24 PM  

  • The three women in F451 world's are wrapped in what they percieve as real in the television. They see how bad life is, and the fact that it is not happening to them makes them belittle it. They laughed at the people who, I think, got bombed out of a car. Or something similar to that. They belittled the fact that a human death affects the world. I'm sorry if that was hard to understand, I am a little lost with the big change in my schedule. Whatever.

    By Blogger Emma Grace, at 8:08 PM  

  • I agree with the loads of people up there when I say that Mrs. Phelp and Mrs. Bowles are completely absorbed in their family and they care about nothing else. Like in reality shows, the girls will, if they like a guy, usually say that when the guy doesn't like her it's another girl's fault, so she is so wrapped up in her own life that she can't stand that her's is wrong, just like Mrs. Phelp and Mrs. Bowles can't understand that anything in their lives are wrong.

    By Blogger JordanK, at 9:05 PM  

  • Hello,
    Lots of great points up there that have been said. :)

    Most of what I would have said has already been said so im going to...

    Answer Julia B's question:
    I think since their sociaty is almost purely based on pleasure most people's "roles" are to do what makes them happy. For these women's cases waching tv makes then happy, so they get very into it and make it their reality.

    By Blogger Erik, at 10:05 PM  

  • Dear Martha,

    I think its awesome that you agreed with me but I think that maybe after 14 years of friendship, you would learn how to spell my name right. Haha, its KristEn not Kristin.

    It's ok, I love you still anyways :)

    By Blogger Kristen F., at 10:46 AM  

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