Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

1st Hour ManzanarScribe

It's me, the sribe for today, which is wednesday the 9th. Today we began class with some interesting discussion topics not pertaining to the book. WE ARE OUT OF KLEENEX, PLEASE, IF ANYONE IS OUT THERE, PLEASE BRING MORE. We then quickly and effeciently located and squashed a small 8-legged friend of ours in the back of the room.We talked about the book for five minutes. Then we read for about 43 minutes. We are all supposed to read until the end of the book tonight. If you don't then the Ghost of Deadlines Past will come out of nowhere and show you all your old rotting paper. That would be nice to avoid. I'm terribly sorry that reading this scribe is not as thrilling or in any way gratifying as I might have hoped. But, when you read for 43 minutes it leaves me with very little to say, others than KLEENEX and ghosts. Have a nice day. No, really. Everyone might be dissapointed if you go and have a bad day.


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