Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

1st Hour Final Assessment 1984 Scribe

Even though today was only a 23 minute long period, our class went over some very important details regarding our final 1984 project and semester project.

We will be in the lab tomorrow and Friday to work on our semester long projects. Finals are approaching rapidly!!

FOR FRIDAY Mrs. Moritz would like us to take a look at our grade sheet and print out our current grade report. If we find anything wrong or mysterious on the report, we need to have it with us on Friday to make any changes. If there are no changes to be made to your grade, then you don't need to worry about bringing it in.

Also for tonight she would like us to complete a survey about her class that is located on her web page via the AHS homepage. At the beginning of the survey you will be prompted to enter a class code. Ours is 210, I repeat 210.

Next we have our most interesting topic of the day...our final 1984 project! You may choose one of the following projects to complete, and you only need to do one.

Choose one of the following options for your final assessment for 1984:
-1984 is a warning that Orwell wrote in the 1940's. What was he warning us about? (2 specifics with explanations) How has it come true in our society today? (2 specifics with explanations)
Typed, double spaced, formal essay format

-Write a new chapter in the novel 1984. Do Winston and Julia revolt? Do they become proles? Is there a completely different ending? Does Winston somehow become the new O'Brien? (stay true to the tone/form of the original work)
Typed, double spaced, creative piece format

-In your life, who can you state "controls" you? Do they control with fear? Opportunity?
We would all like to say that we control ourselves, our actions, but is this true? (use specific examples from your personal life)
Typed, double spaced, personal essay format

The one you choose is to be typed 3-5 pages and double spaced. THIS PROJECT IS DUE MONDAY!

Perhaps the most exciting discussion of the day though was the topic of grammar packets. Mrs. Moritz has the new mindset that states "anyone who would LIKE to work on their grammar by completing the packet is MORE THAN WELCOME to do so." Although she is not taking a grade for it.

Have a nice rest of this shortened, wonderful Wednesday friends!


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