Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Friday, May 11, 2007

6th Hour Manzanar Scribe

Today we started off class a little slowly, because everyone was having side conversations, and then someone asked Mrs. Moritz how her daughter was doing. Mrs. Moritz said her daughter had some sort of virus, and might be sick for a little while, but should get better relatively soon. After we finished with all the side conversations, we found out about the Farewell to Manzanar final assessment. For this final assessment, we have to make a speech-like presentation to the class. The topic of the speech is: Think of a time when you were in a really tragic, depressing, scary, or overall bad situation and even though it was tough, you made the situation the best it could possibly be. An example Mrs. Moritz gave from the book is how Jeanne took her time in Manzanar, and even though it was a bad situation for her, she tried to make her time there the best it could be, and later came back to Manzanar, even though it changed her life so much. Mrs. Moritz also gave a personal example of when her brother-in-law died. She said it was one of the hardest times in her life, but in the end, his death caused her to want to have children, so she could always have a piece of her husband. Mrs. Moritz said that you can write an essay/outline for your speech, but she won’t grade it or even see it. She will only grade off of the oral presentation. Don't just read from your essay/outline during the speech, or you will get a bad grade. We will do the speeches in front of the class on Wednesday, but if you feel strongly about not speaking in front of the class, see Mrs. Moritz to arrange a time to do your speech for only her. After discussing the Manzanar final assessment, we got back into our groups from yesterday to work on our character maps. Yesterday we filled the inside of our characters, but today, we did the outside influences on our characters. We filled the space around our characters with anything from the outside world that had an effect on the character. While working on our character maps, Mrs. Moritz called us up by our Final Assessment/photostory groups. We received a rubric/checklist outlining all the parts of the project that we need to have done. We will have two days in the lab next week, Tuesday and Thursday to work on the project. Homework was to work on both the Manzanar and photostory final assessments.


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