Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Coffee Shop Poetry

OK--so you are all very aware of my coffee addiction. I thought maybe we could have a little poetry slam on our blog. Here you will post your choice of the seven poems that we have written in the last couple of weeks. Choose wisely. This is for all the world to see!


  • I have biked 90 miles in three days!

    Always built for the tough terrain,
    I loved spinning those wheels again and again.

    One day, my dad walked into the room.
    And he said to me, “Hey, what are you gonna do?”

    So we started the ride,
    Stopped at DQ along the way.
    I bought a Mudslide.
    And my dad bought a Banana Cream Parfait.

    Ten miles down, seventy more to go.
    Next thing I know, we’re near the movie store.
    Picked up a copy of
    And after that, we biked some more.

    We realized we had biked all day.
    Now we needed a place to stay.
    We should either check in, or go the other way.
    We checked in, showing thirty on the odometer for the day.

    Woke up the next morning, fresh and ready.
    The sun shown bright, the clouds all hiding.
    I reckoned it was a day I’d be gettin’ pretty sweaty.
    Yet, it was perfect, for some all day bike riding.

    On our way, we found a small shop.
    Mile thirty-five found us a cute place for tea and keepsakes.
    I bought a little statue, and my dad got a pop.
    I could have biked longer, but the statue made the stop anything but a mistake.

    Next thing we knew we were at a new stop.
    Mile forty-seven lead us to a green, luscious school park.
    We saw some birds, kids with chalk, and two others playing sock ‘em bop.
    I hoped that last punch to the smaller kid didn’t leave a mark.

    Mile fifty-nine, awfully close to the sixtieth mile mark.
    The sun was anything but bright.
    In fact, the sky was getting pretty dark.
    We found another hotel, and stayed another night.

    Day Three; it was the last.
    Rainy and cool; such a perfect day.
    With just one stop, it went by very fast.

    We met a new friend named Matt,
    He wore a red shirt and bright green shoes.
    He helped us fix a flat.
    Let’s say I wouldn’t have asked him for help, if it were up to me to choose.

    After that incident, we got on the road.
    Our legs were numb, and we didn’t have anywhere else to roam.
    We decided we were done with our 90 mile load,
    So we ditched our bikes, kept our souvenirs, and took a taxi home!

    I still have to edit some, but I think so far, it's rather humorous.

    By Blogger Kylie, at 1:51 PM  

  • Meadow

    A field of white, and yellow, gold,
    With sunlight shining down on Earth,
    Suppressed emotions soon unfold,
    And with them come the soul’s rebirth,

    A dance uplifts the heavy heart,
    Upon the grass, so green and fair,
    A song revives the life apart,
    The wind can carry all despair,

    A whisper sets a peaceful tone,
    Beneath the fluffy clouds, so pure,
    A prayer unfetters one alone,
    The one above defends demure.


    PS: Kylie, yours was so funny, !!!

    By Blogger Alison B, at 2:38 PM  

  • Thou love in his year
    hang in that death-bed
    where black glowing ashes fadeth away.
    Strong yellow leaves shake twilight behold
    This second consumed by choirs.
    Sunset such love see'st doth ruined
    birds thy perceivest, nourished those deaths
    late after sweet, bare cold.

    By Blogger erikaw, at 3:12 PM  

  • Please, Mom, I Want Some More

    Please, Mom, I want some more;
    Your cookies are so good I’d eat them off the floor.

    To me, chocolate chip is the best kind.
    You know that, Ma, ‘cause you’re not blind.

    I smell that smell with such strong desire,
    I would smell it with joy even if they caught fire.

    And the taste! Oh the taste!
    I must savor it slowly, never eat it with haste.

    Sweet chocolate chips that melt oh just so:
    A thousand times better than Anisette de Bordeaux.

    So please, mom, how much would it hurt
    To give me one more; let’s call it dessert?

    One more cookie, Mom, and I’ll even do chores
    Just please, Mom, please, I want some more.

    I just wanted to put some illegal commentary here. I find it strange that posting at this time there are still only 3 here... :0

    By Blogger Tina L, at 3:46 PM  

  • My dad is a radish farmer in Romania
    Not Italy, Greece, or Albania.
    His terrible habit of harvesting radish
    Is making him look quite fattish

    When I was a child
    With skin white, fair, and mild
    My friends they would laugh with a terrible tease
    Sometimes even sting me with bees.

    "Why are you doing this to me?" I would cry
    While they pulled my underwear up toward the sky.
    Mean jokes they would yell, cruel rhymes they chanted
    Once in class I was depanted.

    Now I live in a mental institution
    With nice white padded walls for cushion.
    Childhood loneliness may derange
    This straight jacket is giving me mange.

    What you asked caused all of this mania?
    May father is a radish farmer in Romania.

    By Blogger tim c, at 3:49 PM  

  • The sun is the frame wherein the painter is hanging still,
    You see his delights to my body in thine eyes.

    Now see what peep tis' held, pictured lies,
    Mine eye and perspective hath played true image.

    Beauty's form, grace their art.

    Thy painter turns eyes for my breast,
    That hath his cunning want, thine for me.

    The painter's art, windows to thy shape, and my bosoms shop,
    For through the table of my heart, they see, know it is best.

    By Blogger Liz, at 4:01 PM  

  • Persuasive Poem

    Arapahoe your wonderful,
    You truly are the best,
    But your student would do better,
    If you gave them more time to rest.

    Its really not that hard,
    just start the day a bit later,
    And if you do this simple thing,
    Your test scores will be greater.

    If you would stop starting the day,
    In the wee hours of the morning,
    You students will pay attention,
    Instead of thinking it was boring.

    And if you do this simple thing,
    You surly won't regret it,
    Your students will be joyous,
    And the school will be a huge hit!

    By Blogger haleycc, at 4:15 PM  

  • Music

    Birds sing,
    Bells ring
    Hammers pound,
    Trumpets sound
    Each in their true voice
    Bringing music to the world

    Starting as a simple beat
    And soon a melody to greet
    Contrasting sounds all combine
    All encompassed in a shrine
    Music transforms noise into art
    Music is not the language of musicians
    But the language of the soul

    By Blogger katie_orlandini, at 4:29 PM  

  • Musical, I really want to be in.
    No, I'm not a fish, I do not have a dorsal fin.

    I love to sing, I sing a lot.
    Poetry really makes me hot.

    I can act really good! I was in the last play!
    And when I go to the cafeteria, I do not carry a tray.

    I can also dance, on days that end in 'y'.
    There are many ways to serve potatoes, but mine, I like to fry.

    And so, before this might become confusical.
    Oh please! PLEASE! Put me in the musical!

    By Blogger Annika E, at 4:35 PM  

  • Give Me Food or Give Me Death

    Please, Mommy dearest, give me some food
    Or I will be in a very bad mood!

    I’d be satisfied to eat
    A sugary chocolate treat,

    Even something sour
    Wouldn’t make me glower!

    I’ll do anything for sustenance,
    But please prove your providence,

    And do it soon
    Or I shall resort to eating raccoon.

    This is my final plea:
    Feed me now or I will die hungrily!

    By Blogger Rachel K, at 5:05 PM  


    Oh Mother dear
    I’m sick I fear!

    A fever and a headache too,
    Aren’t those symptoms of the flu?

    My runny nose, it has foretold
    That I have the common cold.

    Now look at this, its chicken pox,
    Why you could play connect the dots!

    Quickly, help me find the sofa
    I may fall into a coma.

    Malaria, I’ve got it bad…
    Those constant seizures drive me mad!

    Hey, when’d we get a purple cow?
    I think I am insane right now.

    Now what parent, may I ask,
    Would have a sick child do the task

    Of sitting in class at high school
    Why frankly that would be quite cruel.

    Surely being that you’re so kind,
    So great that you I have enshrined,

    You would not have me work all day
    When such dire illness I portray,

    Could leave me dead in just a moment,
    No you won’t induce such torment.

    Though sacrificing school is shocking,
    Death at my door is surely knocking.

    To live life free of pain and woe,
    Please oh please don’t make me go!

    By Blogger kchurchill, at 5:15 PM  

  • Desire increases,
    And might never die,
    His tender sweet self,
    And, tender bright eyes,
    Not churl,
    Nor cruel.

    Within thine own bud,
    Buriest thy content.

    The worlds fresh
    Making a famine,
    Contracted to thine own.

    His memory:
    From fairest creatures,
    To the gaudy spring,
    Where abundance lies.
    Feed’st thy light’st flame.

    By Blogger tneal8, at 5:40 PM  

  • Grandpa

    Sometimes I will think
    Of what he’s doing now,
    And know that he’s
    Teaching and living somehow.

    His halo of white
    And his body of love,
    Both work together
    To be sweet as a dove.

    He’ll help and he’ll hold
    The newcomers up there,
    He’s the one answering
    All the scared prayers.

    His hearing is gone,
    But he listens still.
    Now it is more with
    His heart than his ear.

    His memory was gone
    But in heaven it’s back.
    He remembers my name
    It’s easier now for him to keep track.

    All angels, you see,
    Have gifts such as these.
    When loved ones are lost,
    They are angels to me.

    By Blogger emilyh, at 5:46 PM  

  • THE BATTLE OF FALKIRK (comparison poem)

    Battle cries ring out over head,
    Blood spurts on the ground
    Defiling the dead.

    Scot and Brits, courageous all,
    Swords clash and spears thunk
    Mighty warriors fall.

    The sun rises over the hill,
    A new day--brings hope
    To the still.

    Still the Battle of Falkirk rages on
    Still no one know who’s lost
    And who has won.

    * * *
    A battle is necessary for anything
    To be won.
    A mother is necessary for any song
    To be sung.

    As a warrior yells his battle cry,
    A mother defends her child,
    As a warrior breathes his last sigh,
    A mother will walk for miles.

    It’s a never-ending battle
    Raising a headstrong daughter,
    But it is a warrior’s job…
    Hopefully without the slaughter.

    * * *
    The gore, the bravery, the
    Sacrifices made.
    The friends who jump in front of the sword
    So that others might be saved.

    The horses, the pages, loyal
    To the end.
    The healers running about the battlefield
    Making wounds mend.

    Then the sun rises over the
    Dark meadow.
    Warriors raise their swords--standing next to friends
    Defying the shadow.

    By Blogger RachelP, at 6:08 PM  

  • I know I am capable and I know I am strong.
    I know how to fight and admit I am wrong.

    I have the courage to stand up for what I believe.
    I have so much potential. What more could I need?

    This all is no good without just one thing;
    A chance. An opportunity. A time to fly and see what it brings.

    I know I have talent and I’m worth more than a glance.
    So won’t you please just give me a chance?

    A chance to prove all that I’m worth.
    To show that I can do more on this earth.

    Sink or swim, I’ll know that I tried.
    Failure or success, I refuse to be denied.

    So just give me a chance to leave my mark.
    The biggest fires start with just one spark.

    By Blogger Kristen F., at 6:11 PM  

  • FOG

    Swirling above the cities
    Misting off the lakes
    Gathering around the flaxen prairie grass
    Shrouding high mountain peaks in mystery

    Muffling the sounds of life
    Stretching eerie silence on
    Letting no light pass
    Holding off the sun

    Tendrils snaking round the world
    Holding every creature captive
    Expelling all illusion
    Of reality


    By Blogger JoanneH, at 6:30 PM  

  • Randy and I

    For many years I have wondered
    What my life would have been like
    If I had known them
    If I had been given the chance to be influenced
    By people whose blood ran through my veins
    With people whom I could share so much with
    But at the same time no words would have to be exchanged
    And everyone would know what was said.

    True it was great growing up
    With my big brother Randy but I
    Have always wondered what it would have been
    Like to grow up with the other two
    My other two brothers that I have only heard mention of
    He tries his best but Randy cannot bare to tell much
    It still hurts too much to remember that frightful day
    I was just so young that I do not remember.

    Although sometimes I think it is for the best
    As I cannot imagine what Randy has to go through
    Each and every day of his life with me as a constant reminder
    Of our parents and two brothers.

    They were just a little older than me when the accident happened
    Mom and dad had just been killed in a car accident late one foggy night
    Which left Randy to raise the three of us
    We were so much younger and that was what mom and dad had wanted
    So Randy willingly obliged without a fuss.

    Just two short years later when we were finally all adjusted to this new life
    Another tragic day occurred that affected the rest of us for all eternity.

    We were on our way by foot to the store
    Single file with Randy in the back myself just in front of him and the two other brothers leading
    I tripped and fell so Randy was helping me to get up
    My other brothers ran ahead
    Just as they were told to wait for us
    A car screeched to a halt by the deserted roadside
    As quickly as the car arrived a man in a black jacket
    Picked up the two little boys and shoved them into a car and drove off
    As hard as he tried Randy just could not get them back
    After that frightful day it was just Randy and I.

    We made the best of life in all situations
    And what he taught me I shall always remember
    He was a good man who was forced into tough situations
    His strong will and determination helped him to survive.

    I hope that you will keep all this in mind
    As you remember and celebrate life.

    By Blogger alyse, at 6:41 PM  

  • In My Brother’s Shadow

    I’ve learned many things in my short 8-year-old-life.
    Many, many things
    I won’t soon forget.
    Of all those lessons I learned,
    I know there will always be one
    That haunts my waking moments,
    Surrounds my daily life, filling it with
    Vengeance, fear, loathing, hate.
    My brother’s shadow.

    He was always better than me,
    My older brother.
    I look up to him, admired him
    Wanted to be just like him.
    But the truth:
    I was just lost within his shadow.
    Our father never acknowledged me
    I was just lost in
    My brother’s shadow.

    Then that one day came
    That one hallow day.
    And I knew why I was never meant to be
    My brother.
    He changed more than one life that day
    The day he drove the wrong way down the highway.
    Not only that innocent life lost, but mine as well.

    Of the lessons I learn during my life, none will mean more
    Than living in my brother’s shadow.

    By Blogger Rachel L, at 6:52 PM  

  • Daddy, May I?

    My daddy is the best daddy in town,
    No one could find such a dad any where around.
    My dad is pretty tall
    And he says he knows it all.
    My daddy loves his kids the most,
    That is why he loves to boast,
    That he is so very proud
    Of how I stand above the crowd.

    He is such a caring man,
    I loved it when he held my hand.
    His love for me is quite abundant,
    And yet it never seems redundant.
    He has spoiled me because I am his last,
    Therefore, I feel I must ask,
    Daddy, may I have a car,
    If I promise you, I won’t stray far?

    A car would be quite useful, you see.
    It seems very obvious to me,
    That it would be beneficial to both of us,
    And I won’t have to take the bus.
    I could drive my friends to and from school,
    Daddy, you won’t have to be the carpool!
    I wouldn’t have to bother you with petty chores,
    I could run myself up to the store!

    Don’t worry daddy, I’ll be careful,
    There is no reason for you to be fearful.
    I won’t break the law, I’ll follow all of the rules,
    You know who my friends are, we aren’t fools.
    I’m a good kid dad, but you already know that,
    And girls are more responsible than boys, it’s a fact!
    So what do you say daddy, will you give this car idea a whirl?
    Signed, with love, your precious darling, little girl.

    By Blogger Sarah E., at 6:53 PM  

  • Love
    It is the star to every wandering bark,
    Whose worth's unknown.

    true minds bend with brief hours and weeks,

    Love's an ever-fixed mark even to the edge of doom.

    Love finds,
    rosy lips and cheeks
    Let me love

    By Blogger jcard, at 7:03 PM  

  • Shiny, slippery, and silver,
    It sits.
    It gathers the sun,
    And waits for the children
    To choose to slide down.

    It's dented,
    But it likes it that way
    Because its children
    Are the ones who dented it;
    It feels useful and loved.

    The ladder is red
    But it fades with rain
    And little feet,
    As the children climb up
    And choose to slide down.

    By Blogger JordanK, at 7:05 PM  

  • Cool and refreshing on a hot,hot
    Chocolate, vanilla,strawberry, or swirl
    Sprinkles exploded
    A staw for me
    A spoom for you
    A milkshake a most delightful treat

    By Blogger kaytlinr, at 7:10 PM  

  • Whenever life gets dull and boring
    And you feel like soon you will be snoring.

    Mix up your life and try something new.
    Because “All the world’s a stage” and now it’s your cue.

    You may fail with disaster.
    Or perhaps you will find a new skill to master.

    Think beyond the basics of the every day.

    And remember that you should live for today.

    You just may learn something that you did not know.

    Even with failure you find you may grow.

    Make peace with defeat and
    Remember there are many more challenges to greet.

    Take a chance and shoot for the stars and the moon.

    Because in the song of life you will hum a beautiful tune.

    By Blogger Sally Van Denover, at 7:25 PM  

  • Twas the night before Christmas,
    And all through the house,
    Not a creature was stirring,
    Not even a mouse

    Then all of a sudden,
    Came a distant crash
    And I knew it was Santa
    Delivering his stash

    But I wasn’t sure
    If I had been naughty or nice,
    So I got out of bed
    Without thinking twice

    I tiptoed downstairs
    Making almost no sound
    And then saw a sight
    Which was totally profound

    Under the mistletoe
    Stood Santa and Mom
    Kissing each other
    Like they were at prom

    I was struck dumb
    Standing there in the cold
    Waiting to see
    What else would unfold

    All of a sudden
    They broke apart
    And I decided
    It was time to depart

    I snuck back upstairs
    And into my bed
    Trying to get that image
    Out of my head

    For years and years
    I wondered why
    My mom had been
    Kissing that guy

    Now I’m all grown up
    And my hair is all white
    But I still remember
    What I saw that night

    And now I know
    What it was all about
    But I still won’t let
    Mom’s secret get out

    By Blogger goodriddance, at 7:31 PM  

  • Oh, Mrs. Moritz, look at the trees
    And listen to the birds, and watch the bees.

    Look at the sun, shining so bright
    Play with the fireflies as they dance thought the night.

    Watch the children, see how much they enjoy
    Every moment they spend with that one special toy.

    Now look at your students, so worn and weary.
    See their eyes droop, their minds so dreary.

    They no longer remember the meaning of fun,
    Now all that they can do is rehearse the sum

    Of five plus five and ten plus ten,
    You teachers don’t even realize that we’re just children.

    So please, Mrs. Moritz, for the good of mankind
    Don’t give your students homework, or else I fear that you’ll find

    That the kids of today, although they are smart
    Can’t handle all of your homework, no matter how strong their heart.

    Because when you assign them homework, the only thing you’re assuring
    Is that when they grow up, they will turn out to be quite boring.

    By Blogger matt f., at 7:36 PM  

  • There once was a time
    In more dangerous days
    I committed a crime
    So I ran, ran away

    I had to fit in
    That’s what they say
    I threw my glasses in a bin
    And held the hazy images at bay

    I could not talk to the people that were native
    I decided to learn their language
    I nearly died of a toxic food additive
    I joined the tribe, my name was squige

    It was Swahili and that’s all it was
    It was early in May
    No trees yet had fuzz
    It a bright, bright day

    I made a horrible mistake
    I cowered in shame
    But my pride did then ache
    I took all the blame

    I said something bad
    I said monster when I really meant minister
    I was just but a lad
    Not meant to be bad,
    But my tongue had a blister

    I simply misspoke I said
    The sent me away
    Despite that I plead
    But it was still not okay

    So I was sent back
    They tossed me in jail
    I sat on my pack
    ‘cause I couldn’t pay bail

    So now here I sit
    This story you won’t keep
    You care not a bit
    I know, for you fell, fell asleep.

    By Blogger Sander K., at 7:45 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger , at 7:52 PM  

  • I Know That So and So Is Cheating on Her Boyfriend

    Back when I was in high school
    I learned a dirty secret
    the girl who was way too cool
    was cheating on her on her boyfriend

    But how did I learn, you ask
    this awesome gossipy news
    this knowledge in which I bask
    I heard it at lunch one day

    Walking by the theatre table
    I hear her talking about boys
    I listened as well as I was able
    She said she was a cheater

    Why on earth would she do that?
    She said he was very dull
    and was also very fat
    I thought she was too picky

    I wonder why I'm concerned
    when I didn't know her name
    but this secret I had learned
    She was cheating on her man

    Why she would cheat
    I still didn't know
    because I asked too many questions
    so she threw me in the snow

    By Blogger Laine G, at 7:54 PM  

  • Can hearts still break after they’ve stopped beating?
    Does the pain stay inside them, or just fade?
    They’re no longer useful or have meaning
    For so long they’ve been hidden in the shade

    They were beautiful once before. But now
    Their beauty has shattered into pieces,
    So small that they’re nonexistent. And thou
    Stares blank-eyed while the pain inside ceases

    Don’t care what ends up happening to me
    Whether I shall stay living, or just die
    To my heart you will never find a key
    No matter how hard you try, I’ll deny

    You any access to enter my heart
    For you have already torn me apart

    By Blogger , at 7:56 PM  


    Song of Woe

    I've often listened to the birds in flight
    I've heard the snowy owl at night

    I know the cardinal by his shriek
    And the robin's song can make me weak

    A flamingo's warble is loud and shrill
    And the blackbird's song louder still

    A swan has got a whistling ring
    But, O! Despair, I cannot sing

    I like to carry a melody
    I've been known to hum a tune or three

    I can shampoo my hair and la-la-la
    Recite an opera's finest aria

    You see, my voice is not so bad
    In fact, my songs might make you glad

    But compared to a musician or choir kid
    My notes sound like a tire skid!

    I can hit the low notes, one by one
    Scales are even rather fun

    But once I'm up in the stratosphere
    I'm not the sound you'd like to hear

    All those sopranos make me nervous
    I get a crawling sensation in my epidermis

    I squeak I squeal I cry I moan
    I just don't sound so great alone

    This is my lament and fate
    But things are not all second rate

    Once I know some notes and words
    I work doubly hard to match the birds

    My musical auditions aren't so swell
    But get past that, and I sing rather well

    Just please give me half a chance
    Because I sure do act and dance!

    I'll be honest; I'm kind of a klutz
    But hold back all your ifs, and, or buts!

    Dancing really isn't so tricky
    I'll learn the steps 'cause I'm not picky

    And acting, why, at that I'm good
    (At least, I hope so, knock on wood!)

    I'll memorize lines and speak out bold
    I'm not shy at all, or so I'm told

    So please please please with sugar on top
    Before you stand up and holler stop!

    Grit your teeth and get through my song
    Really, it won't last very long

    Give me a shot; I'll work like heck
    To make the musical the best it's been yet!

    Give this poor girl an opportunity
    I'll make the show the best it can be

    All I ask is a tiny spot on the cast
    And then I can say at last

    By golly, look what I managed to do
    And then my heart would sing…like a bird, or two.

    By Blogger CMeghan, at 8:00 PM  

  • My Grandma is a Waffle

    My grandma is a waffle
    She can be cold and hard
    But warms up over time

    My Grandma is a waffle
    She is getting stale
    But for now she is still useable

    My grandma is a waffle
    She has a thick tan skin
    But is soft on the inside

    My grandma is a waffle
    She uses too much butter
    And always comes with jelly

    My grandma is a waffle

    By Blogger Barry Tischler, at 8:05 PM  

  • Let me in the show

    I know you dont know me all that well,
    But man I've got a story to tell.

    But before I start talking, is that a new tie,
    Maybe a new suit, or do you just look spry

    Its not that important i'm not the most graceful thing,
    But dont let that stop you, you should hear me sing.

    I bet you didnt know musicals are my passion,
    So please let me in and show some compassion.

    Please let me in now, I'm running out of time,
    If you dont, I'll consider it a crime.

    So when the time comes, to choose all the cast,
    Always remember that I'll be a blast!

    By Blogger NatalieJ, at 8:18 PM  

  • The water embraces me, holding me steadily afloat.
    It comforts me, holding me above the surface.
    It carries me, wherever its current is bound.
    It is a part of me, something I am forever bound too.
    It gives me life and hope, with witch I live.
    It is a source of happiness and glee.
    It has both anger and love, but embraces me holding me steadily afloat.

    By Blogger Tony J., at 8:22 PM  

  • Even though you don't seem to see
    There are few that I know more responsible than me
    I promise I won't do drugs and drink
    Let me go to this party, please rethink!
    My friends will all be there- you know that they're good
    And if not, they are truly just misunderstood
    So please, if you love me, if you honestly care
    You'll allow to me to go to this little affair
    Maybe you just just don't get how much it means
    But really, Dad, this party will be the highlight of my teens
    Please give me permission, I want to obey
    But if not I'll figure out how to go anyway...

    By Blogger Whitney**, at 8:27 PM  

  • In my younger years I had problems of plenty;

    The worst of all was my lying of many,

    As I look back on the story of jenny;

    It flashes back like a brand new penny,

    After problems of lying others start appearing;

    More and more and then I start fearing,

    When all in my head I begin hearing

    The cheering of my friends nearing and nearing,

    Although I like it and it moves me along;

    I stop and think I must stay strong

    Despite my heart which says I am wrong.

    But in the end this mob does not get me through

    To that I must stay true.

    By Blogger shane, at 8:57 PM  


    She saved me that night,
    When I was about to end my life.

    Her lips and tounge languished for love,
    And her heart was sweet with mercy.

    She was like a gentle day in heaven,
    She took my hand

    And Breathed forth the sound that said,
    "My love, do not greet hell."

    By Blogger Kayla F, at 9:02 PM  

  • Taxidermist Barbie

    A severed deer head on the board--hey girls!
    It's Taxidermist Barbie.
    She can stuff birds and squirrels,
    And boys and girls!
    She comes complete with purple plastic gloves,
    A pink and shiny, glittery tool case.

    Despite the fact she stuffes one kickin' swan,
    Her prices can't be beat.

    Marvel at her mounted birds!
    Just watch her mount a deer.
    The feel of pine as she begins to place,
    Head on the mounting board
    A purple mounting board,
    Get the marble
    Eyes just right.

    Taxidermist Barbie
    Just got Taxidermist of the Year!

    By Blogger melissaq, at 9:09 PM  

  • Tijuana

    Sometimes it is hard to help people in need,
    To not hold back and take the lead.

    It starts with your simple thought.
    That grows, and can become a lot.

    The thought starts when you believe,
    That you can give, and then receive.

    In Tijuana poverty has taken hold.
    Houses are made out of metal and mold.

    The children have clothes, however, not many
    And we are wondering if our closet has plenty.

    There is a organization called Colorado Uplift,
    That goes to Tijuana and gives a gift.

    They build houses, sturdy and strong
    Made to withstand, any prolong.

    The people are grateful, helping in every way they can,
    To help us finish what we have began.

    What they don’t know is that we are receiving,
    More than what we are leaving.

    The gift of love is held in their faces
    Just go, and you will see in their embraces.

    By Blogger Devon S, at 10:25 PM  

  • Colorless entity
    Keeper of the deepest wishes
    Of clandestine desires
    Guiding the path of the unknown
    Reflecting the desires of only those willing to lend themselves
    For even in the darkest of hours
    The beacon of light foreshadows hope
    Vivid images of the prospect of tomorrow
    Lies in the hands of the believers

    By Blogger Martha P., at 10:27 PM  

  • The wind rolls onto the shore, carrying with it the smell of salt. Her turquoise waters lure many for all around. That's when she swallows their souls, instaling within them an endless thrist for her beautiful. Through the barrage of countless waves, her soft foemy volice can be herd. Commanding them to long for her beauty and only hers.

    By Blogger Damian L., at 11:47 PM  

  • Grandpa’s Smile

    Sun shining, sprinkles on others.
    Humor poking through layers of time.
    Sift through the dust and cows.
    Fix the old problems,
    Ponder the new.
    Monitor change and guidance.
    Relax and live.
    A glimpse of old times, living
    In the saddle.
    Move ‘em around, watch
    The stubborn and wonder.
    Watch the world move forward,
    Embrace the new, don’t forget.
    Love the wild and tame.

    By Blogger Julia B, at 6:24 AM  

  • Sometimes he would squat
    On all fours
    Like a bear.

    Waiting for dusk,
    Frail as a mayfly,
    His secret wounds.

    The boy among the majesty,
    The bent weeds of the vacant lot,
    Faster and faster,
    The faithless air rose up to meet him.

    Summer evenings whirl around
    Across the porch, the drunken ground.
    Down the street, and gently home,
    He waits for someone dear to come.

    A hand cocked back
    His paper plane
    The upturned chair
    A licking rain

    The summer evening whirls around
    He crawls beneath it
    Safely sound.

    By Blogger laura h., at 8:15 AM  


    The Past Come Back

    How can I say,
    That all the years,
    Have rolled away?

    That evening winds,
    In some world I may not see,
    Hide thee far from me.

    I have known long ago,
    The past come back,
    Out of the mist-land.

    Love, do tell me,
    That many ocean waves,
    Lead from sorrow to uncertainty.

    Twilight-drooping flowers,
    Cheer me on the lonely track,
    Smile on me, shalt be mine.

    Hold my hand in silence,
    To my spirit thou art ever real,
    Bring echoes of our love.

    By Blogger Devon S, at 11:33 AM  


    A dance with the wind
    On the border of a cliff
    Not too close to the edge
    For that would be too far.

    Roast a delicious marshmallow
    Let it catch on fire
    Not to the point where it becomes soulless and black
    For that would be to far.

    Talk back to the elders
    When they think what they say is right
    No opinion is put in, however
    For that would be too far.

    A cut on your wrist
    Enough to make it bleed with a tint of pain
    Not enough to spill your life’s blood
    For that would be too far.

    A swim in the ocean
    To feel the beauty of the world around you
    Not too deep or too far out
    For that would be too far.

    A drink or two
    Alone at home with no one to see
    Not several more than expected
    For that would be too far.

    A lie to your friends, a teacher, your family
    To cover up for a mistake
    Not a story that can never be revealed
    For that would be too far.

    A pill, a cocktail,
    To get hyped for a party that will prove to be the night of your life
    But not scores of drugs or too soon
    For that would be too far.

    Four meals a day
    And snacks in between for depression
    But not more than your stomach can handle
    For that would be too far.

    Speeding in the dark
    On a deserted street where no one can see
    Not to the speed where trying to stop would be futile
    For that would be too far.

    A drink, some food
    To feed a family of seven
    Not more than can be smuggled
    For that would be to far.

    Miss a meal, miss two days
    To slim down to a size 2
    Not numerous times
    For that would be too far.

    Going to the edge
    And pushing the limits
    But not to the point of permanent change
    For that would be too far.

    By Blogger Devon S, at 12:01 PM  

  • "Spiders"

    At the tender age
    Of three and one half
    I ate a spider

    On a sunny day
    On a big playground
    I ate a spider

    In front of my friends
    Under the mokeybars
    I ate a spider

    I got dared
    No, double-dog dared
    To eat a spider

    I can't recall
    What possesed me
    To eat a spider

    I choose not to recall
    What it tasted like
    To eat a spider

    Friends don't let friends eat live spiders.

    By Blogger kmatthews, at 1:51 PM  

  • A Mother’s Cry
    Mothers watched the news today
    Saw the death tolls, then they prayed
    Please God let this war be won
    So I don’t have to lose my son
    All the young boys being so brave
    Have mothers at home, who all say
    Men, put away your silly toys,
    Home is where I want my boy
    Stop the Violence, Silence the Guns,
    End the worry, just let it be done
    We don’t need to risk their lives,
    To keep a feeble flame alive
    How many men must come home in a bag,
    For our country just to raise a flag?
    Our soldiers are brave, noble and just,
    Doing their job of course is a must
    But the cause must be as true,
    To win the acceptance of me and you.
    We want peace, and our brothers home,
    So how much longer will they roam?
    Do not let this cry go unheard
    Feel the power behind our words
    From every mother across the USA,
    Please bring our troops home today.

    By Blogger ShannonH, at 4:09 PM  

  • Insects ahh!! They are everywhere
    Please please get um out quick they’re in my hair

    Mighty locusts in my house
    They tore apart a helpless mouse

    They’ll stop at nothing till world domination
    Save yourself call the fire station

    Joe the exterminator tried to disinfect my home
    It’s a travesty that he had to go in alone

    They picked his eyes out
    But the pain was so great he couldn’t even shout

    They devoured his spleen and engulfed his kidneys
    I sent my regards to his family in Sydney

    The locusts have forced us to go underground
    We must be careful they have a keen sense of sound

    We have one last chance to exterminate the locusts
    It must be well planned we must stay focused

    We lost the battle the war is finished
    We are now their slaves all hope is diminished

    So if your house ever gets infested with locusts
    Do something quickly before you become slaves

    By Blogger Dan E, at 10:28 PM  

  • Brown,

    Wrapped in a silver lining,
    With a special surprise inside,
    That will melt if it’s too late,



    Kaley K.

    By Blogger mmoritz, at 8:36 AM  

  • It is a shield from the cold, a sanctuary of warmth.
    It is a fuzzy friend,
    a hug of comfort.
    It is a kiss of friendship,
    a gift of joy.
    It is a pair of loving arms holding on,
    a happy love.

    Caitlin L.

    By Blogger mmoritz, at 8:38 AM  

  • Will you go to the top with me?
    Let me show you what I see.

    It is different way up here,
    Beyond the clouds it is so clear.

    Your doubts will dissolve in my embrace,
    Just don't give up running the race.

    Will you go to the top with me?
    All your fears will flee.

    In me you will be strong enough, I say.
    Sometimes you just won't see my way.

    You will need to trust my decisions,
    Even if they don't seem to be correct precision.

    Will you go to the top with me?
    I love you so much I will plea.

    When you feel so alone and in the dark,
    Hide in my shadow and it will leave no mark.

    When you cry,
    I will show you how to fly.

    Will you go to the top with me?
    Will you let me set you free?

    By Blogger cvanessen2, at 3:09 PM  

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