Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1st Hour 1984 Scribe

Damian L. said...
Our day started out with the usual standing outside the classroom waiting for Mrs. Moritz to open the door. When she arrived the day got funky awesome.
She started by answering our questions about bloging and the fishbowl entirely. Like how many times you have to blog and to explain more about the inner and outer circle. Then she pulled off a totally awesome trick, by showing us her WISH WEEK T-SHIRT!!!! Then for some reason she started to rambubble (hehe) ramble about how hard it was to get, and I quote, "The stupid reading assignments on to her stupid webpage." (Wow, I am so cruel). As the webpage was loading she told us some stories about her little-uns (children). Once the webpage was up and she showed it to us, we again discussed the Fishbowl and scribing during it. This led into us being able to sign up for when we want to be in the INNER CIRCLE!
Finally, we began talking about 1984 and how it can apply to every day life. She also asked us questions like can government control us? Can they control our thoughts? Can people direct our thoughts? Then we watched two commericals both based on 1984, one about Apple computers and the other about todays political race. We finished the day by signing the INNER CIRCLE sheets and just reading pages 1-37 for tomorrows FISHBOWL!!! DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNN


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