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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

6th Hour 1984 Scribe said...
mmk scribe for 04-03-07

Today Mrs. Moritz started class by checking to see if our 1984 books were covered, which was our homework from last night. If you have your own copy of 1984, you do not need to cover it. Then, Mrs. Moritz also picked up the signed sheets from the parents who did not wish to participate in blogging for this unit.
After this, Mrs. Moritz gave us a green sheet explaining our new project for our 1984 unit! There is a plethora of different aspects involved in the project, so be sure to get a copy of the sheet from Mrs. Moritz if you were gone.

For the project, we all got into groups of 3 people, with one group of 2. Within this group you will facilitate a fish bowl discussion based on a specific section of pages from the book (which we also chose in class). Along with this, you will also need to find critical analysis of the section you were given, prepare a quiz for the students to take, prepare a discussion outline (which will be turned in the day your group presents) and lead an open dialogue with the inner circle members of the fishbowl discussioon. The group members will be graded on preparation, participation, analysis, facilitation, and leadership.

Along with all of this, on the days the different discussions take place, the students who are not a part of the presenting group, or who are not part of the inner circle in the discussion (in other words, the people sitting in the outer circle) will need to comment on a blog the presenting group will have posted by the end of the day.

If you miss class on a particular day, you are responsible for coming to make-up the discussion points within two days of your absence.

Following this, Mrs. Moritz explained scribes to us. Throughout reading this novel, every day a different student will blog and scribe about the day's activities and happenings during the class period. It is very important to be thurough and give details so that anyone who was absent can read the scribes and know what happened. Everyone signed up for days on which to scribe in Mrs. Moritz AHS planner.

After going over the project guidelines, choosing our groups and when we would present, and signing up for the days when we wanted to scribe, we tried to discuss different aspects of 1984 and what it was about, but no one really participated, or had anything to say. After this, we watched two videos relating to 1984. One of them was a commercial about Apple and when the Macintosh computer came out. The other one had to do with Hilary Clinton running for president. Both of these were somewhat odd and after watching them, Mrs. Moritz tried to open a discussion about how they both made us feel, but again, there wasn't a lot of participation.

All of this took us till the end of class and the homework is to read to page 37 in 1984 by Thursday.

If you have any questions about the project, guidelines, or due dates, please see Mrs. Moritz and let her know.


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