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Monday, April 02, 2007

Welcome to 1984

Welcome one and all to our 1984 blog. This is where students and parents will be able to post class scribes and comments. Parents, thanks for joining us. Hopefully, this will be an enlightening experience for all of us. Enjoy!


  • This is Rachel's mom. I look forward to reading this book!

    By Blogger ygibbs, at 4:14 PM  

  • This is Caitlin's mom. Signing in and looking forward to re-reading 1984 with the class! It's been a while!

    By Blogger betty lewis, at 5:14 PM  

  • Hi, This is Jordan Krantz's mom. I look forward to re-reading 1984. I am interested in my child's education! ;-)

    By Blogger JodiKrantz, at 5:31 PM  

  • Hi, this is Kelly Card, Jordan's Mom. I look forward to reading this book for the first time and discussing it with you all.

    By Blogger Kelly Card, at 5:59 PM  

  • Hi. I am Erika's mom. I am excited to read 1984 along with the honors English class. I have read it before (before 1984) and am glad to read it again (after 1984).

    By Blogger jwolff, at 6:18 PM  

  • Hi - Dee Lynch here, Tina's mom. I know a few of the names I see to the left...

    I have never read 1984, I did see the play a few months ago and I am hoping it is a bit more CHEERFUL - I am told "fat chance."

    By Blogger dee lynch, at 7:02 PM  

  • Can't wait to dive into 1984 again! I am Rachel K's mom.

    By Blogger Mrs. K, at 7:07 PM  

  • This is Alyse's mom. It should be an interesting time reading this book.

    By Blogger elizabeth.w, at 7:12 PM  

  • I am Tony's Dad and a first time blogger. I have just re-read 1984 and look forward to "Blogging it"

    By Blogger JamesJ, at 7:20 PM  

  • Hello! This is Kylie's mom. I've read Anna Karina, War In Peace, and others in high school, but I never had to read 1984! I'm looking forward to it!

    By Blogger Jyoum, at 7:21 PM  

  • Hi, this is Martha's mom! I look forward to re-visiting 1984 with the classes.

    By Blogger Npowers, at 7:27 PM  

  • Hi, this is Haley Carroll's mom. I am so exited to participate. This sounds like such a fun idea!

    By Blogger jamiec, at 7:30 PM  

  • This is Chelsea's mom. I look forward to participating in this 1984 blog!

    By Blogger Diane Van Essen, at 8:45 PM  

  • Hi, I'm Natalie's dad. I'm ready for a literary challenge.

    By Blogger DJones, at 8:51 PM  

  • Hi, this is Jeff Bull, Sean's Dad. Im looking foward to blogging on 1984.

    By Blogger Jeff Bull, at 9:31 PM  

  • Hey this is Randy, Blair's Dad and I am looking forward to reading 1984 for the first time with my daughters class!

    By Blogger Randy L., at 9:42 PM  

  • This is Joanne's dad. Though I bought the book back around the year 1984, I didn't take the time to read it, so it's my first time through. I haven't had homework of my own for a while, so I hope to keep up.

    By Blogger Jon Q. Public, at 10:13 PM  

  • I am participating on a bright spring day in April as the clocks are striking thirteen.

    Jo Ann Tischler

    By Blogger JTischler, at 10:21 PM  

  • Greeting from Damian's mom. Thanks for the opportunity to do something together with our children and your class!

    By Blogger lambkins, at 10:48 PM  

  • Hi! This is Laine's mom. I saw the AHS performance of 1984 last fall. Great job!

    By Blogger L. Greaves, at 11:27 PM  

  • Good morning - this is Laura Hennings' mom. I am excited to read 1984 for the first time!

    By Blogger Julianne, at 7:09 AM  

  • Hello!
    This is Natalie Hernandez's mom. I am very excited to be a part of blogging with the class.

    By Blogger rossycrull, at 3:03 PM  

  • This is Katie Orlandini's dad. I look forward to reading the book and participating in the blog.

    By Blogger Ofelipe, at 10:01 AM  

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