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Thursday, April 12, 2007

1st Hour Counselor Visits Scribe

Hello all.
I am scribing today, April 12, 2007. Today was not a fishbowl day, but it was an important day nonetheless. Mrs. Moritz opened class by collecting any graded quizzes from those who have presented so far. She has asked the presenters to get those finished as soon as possible. Next, she introduced a special guest teacher, Mr. Wadsworth, who would be speaking to our class about sophomore registration. A reminder from Mrs. Moritz, being in honors this year does not automatically place anyone in honors next year, one needs to consult their teachers on this subject. Thus, Mrs. Moritz announced that next Tuesday, April 17, she will hold meetings with individuals to discuss their placement next year. This is a vital occasion!

Mr. Wadsworth then took over class and Mrs. Moritz left the room. A couple of handouts were passed around the room including a yellow registration card/grad status report (labeled with one’s name), a master schedule, a yellow “practice” registration card, and a locker request form. These sheets were generally self explanatory. However, to clarify their purpose, the grad status report simply listed the areas in which a student needed credits, which classes were taken 1st and 2nd semester, and the amount of credits one earned and needed. Mr. Wadsworth stressed the importance of staying ahead now, not waiting to take classes needed to graduate one’s junior or senior year. He then launched into a description of the required classes a student will need to take while at AHS. These are listed below:

1. U.S. History- U.S. History 1 & 2 (cultural geography & world civilizations) take sophomore year
2. English Honors- Sophomore year sign up for either American Literature: Honors or English 10 (you may want to take an elective English class for credits)
3. Math- 4 semesters of math needed, but usually more classes are needed to meet college standards (take more classes in order)
4. Science- 4 semesters of science needed, but usually more classes are needed to meet college standards (take more classes in order)
5. Practical Arts- 6 credits needed including one computer applications class (if you have not yet taken a computer applications class, you should sign up for a class your sophomore year)
6. Fine Arts- 6 credits needed
7. Physical Education- 12 credits needed including both swimming and personally survival (unless one tested out of swimming, if you have not yet taken a swimming class this year, you should sign up for one next year)
8. Electives: Mainly foreign language (if you take 3 years of foreign language, you may transfer credits to something else I think )

After explaining the above in detail, Mr. Wadsworth described the process of filling out the registration form. A BIG reminder, you need a minimum of 24 credits your sophomore year. Below is how you will register.

1. Fill out the separate yellow “practice” registration card first! Don’t fill out the card attached to the grad status report.
2. Using the master schedule packet look up the classes you need/want to take your sophomore year and copy down their sec# and course name to the sheet. Be sure to differentiate between semester 1 classes and semester classes (packet labeled).
3. When you have finished filling out the practice card (be sure you have at least 24 credits), copy these down onto the official yellow registration card. One side of this card is semester 1 and the other semester 2.
4. Do not forget to read the registration card directions on the backside of the “practice” sheet while you are filling out the card!
5. Turn in the completed registration card to the guidance office by 2:30 PM on Monday April 23, 2007. Do not turn this in late or you will be registered last!
6. On Friday May 25, 2007 the will be arena scheduling. It is vital that you are there, but if you can not make it, ask a friend to schedule your classes for you and consult your guidance counselor. Read the directions on the back of the “practice” registration card for the procedure of arena scheduling.

It may be helpful to have your Pathfinder booklet while completing the above. If you are taking chemistry next year, be sure to sign up for the 2hour lab!! Mr. Wadsworth clarified that the lab hours took place during 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, and 5th-6th. However, he was not completely sure. You must have a minimum of three classes every day and you may not have 3 consecutive off hours. Remember, there are no guarantees that you will get the exact class or teacher that you want.

Mrs. Moritz returned and Mr. Wadsworth answered a couple of questions. After our guest left, Mrs. Moritz briefly discussed English honors next year with the class. Mainly she said that the English teachers Ackerman and Kakos did not differ extremely in their teaching styles or content. However, Kakos has a laptop class while Ackerman does not. Then, when Mrs. Moritz discovered she had forgotten the grammar packets again (which was terribly sad), she moved onto the next activity. We examined political cartoons (discussed purpose & effectiveness) on the computer and found that next week the class will form groups and make political cartoon t-shirts in relation to 1984.

~pg. 118-167: quiz tomorrow and fishbowl discussion (presenters be prepared!)


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