Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

6th Hour 1984 Scribe

This afternoon in class Ms. Smith was our teacher. To start off class we signed a Wish Week t-shirt that we will give to Cayle.
After we had all signed the shirt we signed up for the dates we wanted to discuss in the inner circle for 1984.
Next, we watched the Big Brother Macintosh and Hilliary Clinton videos. We discussed the parallels and the differences between the two movies. We also talked about symbolism in the movies, as well as the motives behind the ads.
After discussing, we were given time to read 1984, and the group that is presenting tomorrow got time to work.
Haley, Rachel, and Catlin, are presenting tomorrow!
The homework is to read to page 37 in the book.
Anyone that is discussing in the inner circle, don't forget to prepare!
Good Luck.


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