Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1st Hour American Lit. Honors Scribe

In the frenzy of handing back all those papers during class today, I handed back quizzes for 1984 that have yet to be recorded. PLEASE BRING ALL OF YOUR 1984 QUIZZES TO CLASS TOMORROW. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tina Lynch

Today started out sadly, to be honest. Yesterday there was a mass shooting at Virginia Tech, so Principal Booth made an announcement about it this morning at the beginning of class. He said that today we are safer but we are not totally safe, and that as usual if we see anything odd then we should report it to someone, because the target could be anyone.

After the announcement, Mrs. Moritz talked about the day Columbine happened and some of the day September 11th happened. She said that events like this always stir up the same emotions that people felt those days. At the time when Columbine happened, they had no way of knowing what was happening so it was a very bad day to be in high school.

After these slightly depressing conversations, we got a lot of papers back, the Romeo and Juliet test, and the 1984 summary/reaction. Jordan Krantz also handed out peanut butter rice kripies with fudge on the top. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jordan, and they were delicious. And Sander was sad because he couldn’t have one. 

There were some important changes made to the Lit Circle Discussion dates. The fishbowl tomorrow was moved to Thurday, Thursday’s was moved to Monday, and the final fishbowl is still on Tuesday.

Next we talked about 10th grade honors American Literature, the class that would make sense for a lot of us to take next. It is taught by Kakos, Ackerman, and Robinson. The honors classes next year are going to be much harder. Mrs. Moritz advised that if you don’t love English and digging deep into literature you should not continue with honors. However, if your goal is to get into an Ivy League school, then go fight win and keep doing honors.

For the rest of the class we worked on Grammar Packets while everyone had a one-on-one conversation with Mrs. Moritz in the hall about next year and honors. It took about three seconds for each person. Oh and Moritz is not sure on a due date for the grammar packets, or if they’ll be due.

Finally, the only homework is to read not for tomorrow but for Thursday, and to bring in t-shirt slogan ideas. They have to be 1984 related, but the slogan can be taken from something else. The example she gave today was that Wendy’s commercial that goes “where’s the beef?” So we could put that on a t-shirt with a bunch of Party members and their slop on their lunch trays. So think about it.


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