Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

6th Hour American Lit. Honors Scribe

To start the day we looked at a picture of the bedroom Mrs. Moritz painted over spring break. More specifically, we noted the face in one of the airplanes. It's almost a perfect likeness of her deceased brother-in-law, who was a pilot that died in a car crash.

Next, we talked about honors placement for next year. You can take English 10 if you don't want to be in honors anymore. Moritz suggested this if you struggled this year, if you took honors for your parents, or if you don't love literature and writing. If you enjoy literature and writing, or if you plan to go to an "Ivy League" college, such as Harvard, then you should definitely stay in honors. The honors option for next year is American Lit Honors.

If you choose to take honors next year, you will take AP courses Junior and Senior year. Remember, these courses, as well as the AP classes, are A LOT harder than English was this year, so keep that in mind when you sign up for classes.

We received grammar packets and worked on those for most of the rest of the period. We may or may not turn these in to Moritz. She's not sure yet if we will.

We decided to move the Fishbowl on pages 167-224 (scheduled for tomorrow). It will take place on THURSDAY. Likewise, the Fishbowl on pages 225-274 has been bumped to Monday. However, the Fishbowl on Tuesday will remain on Tuesday. That is over pages 275-297 and is the last Fishbowl over 1984.

Moritz handed back lots of papers today, so if you missed you will need to collect those.

While we were working on our grammar packets, Mrs. Moritz met with us individually in the hall in regards to our plans for next year. We discussed with her whether or not she thought we should stay in honors for next year.

At the end of class, we talked a little about our political T-shirts. We will divide into six groups of four (with one group of three) to do these shirts. A political cartoon and a caption or relative slogan will go on the front of each group's T-shirt.
If you have missed any quizzes, such as the one from yesterday, you need to see Moritz on an off hour to make them up.

See you all tomorrow!



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