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Monday, April 16, 2007

6th Hour 1984 Scribe

6th Hour,

Today in class, we began as usual, setting up the desks in two circles so we could begin our fishbowl. The presenters of the fishbowl were Emily, Laura, and Emma. The discussers today were Henry, Shane, Eric, Kayla, and Natalie H.

There was some really great discussion today. Some questions that got a lot of discussion were:

Could the Party be making up the war?
The majority of you agreed and some great points that were brought up were that the Party could be making it up to impose fear on the people of Oceania. A lot of you discovered evidence to prove the war was false, such as the comrades never seem to get bombed, but the proles do. If the war were real, the comrades would be the targets. Also, if the country were it war, it would take more time to switch allies then the time it takes for Oceania to switch.

Do you think the Party invented Goldstein?
Most of you agreed that the party could have invented Emmanuel Goldstein because it could create someone to hate so Oceania would not turn on Big Brother and that it would unite the country through their hatred towards Goldstein.

What do you think happened to Winston’s sister and mother?
Vaporization and hiding were both brought up, but most of the discussers agreed that because of Winston’s selfishness, his mother and sister fled so they could survive. Also, it was discussed that Goldstein could be Winston’s father.

What do you think will happen between Winston and Julia?
Many of the inner circle thought that they would become careless with their actions and end up getting caught. It was also brought up that Winston would end up not liking Julia and her personality.

Would we be able to stop/change history like the Part does in 1984?
Some of the discussers said that, since it is easier to rebel, no one would let it get to such an extreme. Though others brought up the happenings in China, where the government would prevent websites to show up when searched for on Google.

Great discussion today and remember to read to page 225 for the next fishbowl and to blog by 8:00 tonight!


Question from Emma, Laura and Emily:

How does the fact that the Proles have remained human both justify and negate the fact that they will probably never revolt against the party?


  • Human instinct suggests that if there is something wrong, the humans should join together to fix it. The proles in the story will eventually realize that the system in place is very controlling, and overthrow it.
    On the other hand, the Proles do not have very much knowledge about the party. It would be very hard for them to realize that there was something wrong, because they dont understand what the inner party or big brother does.
    I had some other questions:
    If the proles did have knowledge about the party, do you think they would want to revolt?
    How would the proles revolt if they are being monitered by the party, but not as much as the outer party?

    By Blogger NatalieJ, at 3:37 PM  

  • Because they are still human, the proles can't help but realize the oppression of the Party and overthrow it. Human nature is to improve the conditions of one's own life and circumstance, and in keeping with this nature, the proles will indisputably overthrow the Party.

    On the other hand, what they don't know won't hurt them. The proles don't realize they are being exploited. To them, life is the way it had always been. They are uneducated, so they don't know life any differently. Humans tend to ignore what they don't know about, so the proles will never overthrow the Party because they don't know the Party is bad.

    By Blogger JoanneH, at 3:56 PM  

  • Since they have remained human, it justifies the fact that they will probably never revolt against the party because I think the proles lack the inspiration or motivation. I think earlier in the book it said something along the lines that the proles had to become conscious to revolt, and they can't be conscious until they do. To answer what Natalie was saying, if the proles did have the knowledge about the party, I think they wouldn't care to revolt. I don't think that they would have the motivation to do anything about it and they wouldn't have the resources if they needed things such as weapons because they are so poor.

    By Blogger jordancard, at 6:08 PM  

  • Being human justifies the fact that the proles will not revolt. It is human nature not put ones self in harms way, therefore the proles will not rebel against the party. Although the proles stand by each other and could overthrow the party, doesn't mean they will.
    The proles feel they are safe, and do not know how the party works. They know nothing about the party's systems, therefore they would not try to challenge them.

    By Blogger Liz, at 6:34 PM  

  • The Paroles are human and as such they have the capability to think, love, and take action, but when the environment people are put in does not help them to grow in these areas they become compromised. Although they are still human they have lost the ability to think or question. It negates that they will ever revolt because without their needs of education, love, and encouraged thought being met, they cease to be human and rather become more like robots being controlled. It justifies that they will never revolt because by being humans their first human nature is to trust and when the society has been giving them continous lies, all they can do is trust until the Party gives them something to distrust.

    By Blogger cvanessen2, at 8:09 PM  

  • I completely agree with what nataliej said about the proles. One day they will realize that together they can over throw the party, but at the present time they lack the knowledge to do so. I also think that it will take one person like Winston to make them realize that they can do it. Once that spark hits it will become a huge fad and many people will follow it. Like everyday humans in the fifties, if someone in the neighborhood got a t.v. then everybody else in the neighborhood liked the idea and bought a t.v. It is just in the human nature to want to rebel and follow what others around them are doing.

    By Blogger kaytlinr, at 8:32 PM  

  • Although the proles are human, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to revolt against the party. They may think that their life is pretty good because that is all most of them have ever known. However, because the proles are human it does leave a greater chance for them to revolt. They are able to think more clearly than the party members because they do not have propaganda constantly shoved at their faces. Usually when people are given more time to think they start to question their surroundings and wonder why things are happing the way they are. To answer Natalie’s second questions I don’t think that the inner party would want to monitor the proles only a little bit less then the outer party. I think that they will either monitor the proles like they do the outer party members, or they will let them be completely ignorant and not have to watch them at all. If the inner party members were to give too much information to the proles, without monitoring them, there would be too much of a chance for a revolt.

    By Blogger Dev, at 8:45 PM  

  • I think the fact that they have remained human justifies that they won't revolt because they might not want to change how they have been living. Even though their lives aren't amazing, but it isn't horrible, so they might want to keep it neutral. It negates that they won't revolt, because it doesn't help Winston. If they haven't experienced what it is like to be apart of the party's control, they won't have any reason to want to change it.
    Sarah E.

    By Blogger mmoritz, at 6:17 AM  

  • I agree with everyone in the fact that the proles don't revolt against the party because they have no knowledge to do so, and they don't know any better. All the proles have ever know is their slum habitats, most of them don't even have telescreens. They must have very little knowledge about how the Party commits all the forgery and oppression, and if the information were given to them, I don't think the proles have the intellegence to understand. But because they are human, they will strive to better their circumstances, once they are able to achive the knowledge that this is what they must do. So it appears that unless the "Brotherhood" or whomever starts supplying the proles with learning material, they will never revolt.

    By Blogger Rachel L, at 4:48 PM  

  • I totally agree with Sara E. If the Proles were never under the Party's control, they wouldn't know what it was like and how bad it is. They wouldn't want to change it because they wouldn’t know any better. Their life is perfect, according to them, and if nothing is wrong with their lifestyle, they wouldn’t think of revolting to change anything.

    By Blogger clewis, at 3:42 PM  

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