Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English

Thursday, April 12, 2007

6th Hour Counselor Visits Scribe

Today we greeted Mrs. Moritz with a smile and took our seats. Mrs. Moritz then introduced Mrs. Thurnau to show us how to do arena scheduling. We first received a registration card with a white sticker and graduation sheet to mark the classes we will take through out high school. The only sheet that needs to be turned in is the registration card with the white sticker on top. Both first and second semester classes that students want to take next year needs to be filled out before the registration card is turned in. To graduate from high school students need to take 35 hours of English classes, and at least four semesters of math and four semesters of Science. However, Mrs. Thurnau recommends that you take more because four semesters because four semesters is not enough. To graduate students also need to have six credits of Practical Arts that include Business classes, Technology classes, and consumer and family studies. Students also need six credits of fine arts that include music, drama and art classes. Finally students need to have 12 credits of Physical Education with at least one class of swimming. Also during junior year students are required to take a personal survival class that also counts as Physical Education credits. If students want to take the swimming class in the summer it is worth five credits and there are packets at the guidance center. If students have not taken a Drivers Ed class it is worth three credits.

Mrs. Thurnau then passed out a worksheet that was just for sophomores. Sophomores are required to take either American Lit Honors, or regular English 10. In history you have to take one semester of cultural geography and then one semester of world civilizations that are three credits. In science if students are in ERE now, then they will go into Biology next year. If students are in Biology now then they will go into Chemistry next year. The labs that are required for both Biology and Chemistry count as credits. For example Chemistry is a three-day a week class, however, the lab is two hours making the class worth five credits. Also if you are in a foreign language course you will move up one level. For example if a student is in Spanish one now, then they can move up to Spanish two next year. If a student is in Spanish two then they can move to Spanish three next year. All foreign language, honor, AP, Math, photo, and journalism classes require a teacher signature for the student to move on to next year courses. Next year there is also no zero hour Physical Education Class.

The registration card is due April 24. Arena scheduling will take place on May 25th. The schedule is arranges by last name. People with the last names off A and B will go to their scheduling from 11:50 – 12:15. People with the last names of E, F, and G will go to arena scheduling from 12:15 – 12:40. People with last names that start with L and M will go from 12:40 – 1:05. People who have a last name that starts with S will go from 1:05 – 1:35. People with last names of C and D will go from 1:35 – 2:10. People with last names that start will H, I, J, K will go from 2:10 – 2:45. People with the last names that start with N, O, P. Q, and R will go from 2:45 – 3:25. Finally, people with the last names that start with T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z will go from 3:25 – 4:10 or until everyone is finished.

When students arrive for arena scheduling they will look at their schedule and go up to the teacher they signed up for. Students need to ask the teacher if they have any room in their class at whatever hour. If they do then the student gets a sticker to put on their registration card. Once students have all their classes they go over to one of the computers and register. If the teacher that they want has a full class then they need to erase that class on their registration card and pick another. We then received the master schedule with all of the courses that Arapahoe offers. Half way through the packet it switches to second semester classes. Mrs. Thurnau recommends that students separate the first and second semester classes in the packet. This way it is easier for students to decide what classes they want to take first and second semester. All sophomore students need to have at least 24 credits per semester. There are boxes in the middle of the registration packet to write down you schedule. In each box you put the name of the coarse that you want to take and the section number of the coarse. Also at the top of the registration card it says Course Title and to the right has many empty boxes. Students need to fill out the classes they are taking for that semester, the hours, and get a teacher initial in the correct areas.

All students should bring everything that they received to for sophomore registration to arena scheduling. This includes the master schedule, the worksheet, and the locker partner request form. Students will not have the registration card because they will already have turned it in and will get it back at arena scheduling. We then got a worksheet on the new classes that are now offered by the business department. The new courses are Web Design one and two, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. If students have any questions about these new courses they can contact the business department.

We then received the locker partner form to share a locker with someone. Only one form needs to be turned in for two people wanting to share a locker. If students don’t turn in the form they will still get a locker but will not have the choice of a locker partner.

Mrs. Thurnau recommends that students start looking at the classes they want to take immediately. There is no guarantee that students will get the teacher they want or the hour. She also said to make sure that students turn in the registration form on time and are at arena scheduling.

Mrs. Moritz then came back into the room explained to us that just because students are in honors classes now does not mean that they will be in them next year. Next week we will set up appointments with Mrs. Moritz to talk about if she will recommend us for next year honors English. If you want to continue in any honors class students need to have at least a B in the class.

Mrs. Moritz reminded us that tomorrow, Friday the 13, Kyle, Joanne, and Eric will be presenting for the fishbowl. The reading for tomorrow is to page 147. Tomorrow Mrs. Moritz will not be there and so there will be a sub. We are supposed to continue with our routine as if she were there. Mrs. Moritz has assigned a person in the class to grade the people in the inner circle. If tomorrow, by some miracle, happens to be a snow day the fish bowl will be rescheduled for Monday the 16.

Mrs. Moritz then brought up a conversation about political cartoons and what they are used for. We came up with that they use political cartoons to inform people about the world, mock the government, make fun of something to prove a point, and are used in propaganda. We then looked at many political cartoons online. These cartoons were all about governmental issues. The cartoons all expressed what the author thinks of certain issues that are happening today. For example, one of the very last cartoons we looked at had a card tower with soldiers trying to keep it up. This shows how the author of the cartoon thinks about the war in Iraq and the US being there. Mrs. Moritz then told us that we were going to split into groups on Monday and are going to make a political cartoon. These have to be about the novel 1894 and we are going to put them on tee shirts. We are supposed to think about what we might want in our political cartoon over the weekend.

The bell rang and we all left class after a very productive day.



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