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Friday, April 13, 2007

1st Hour 1984 Scribe

Hello All!
This morning we were greeted by our substitute, Ms. Johnson. She told us that they made a mistake on the yellow registration worksheet. Don’t worry, it isn’t huge, they just misspelled “sophomore” at the top. She then passed out a new, gold, copy. She took attendance, and told us to begin with the fishbowl.

Martha came up to the front of the class and took Mrs. Moritz’s spot in reading the quiz. We handed them in, and then circled up.

Fishbowl Presenters: Martha, Kristen, Blair, Whitney
Fishbowl Inner Circle: Tina, Alyse, Melissa, Sander, Meghan, Rachel K., and Kaley

Discussion: What role does religion play to the party? Why isn’t it beneficial? The discussion began with a comment that religion would take priority away from Big Brother and would make people think they had a lot more power over their lives. But how can you take something like religion, which is so big in our society today, and completely wipe it out? There is evidence that it used to be there, because of the churches, so maybe the Great Purges wiped it out. If so many people were being killed, maybe others who weren’t killed denied their faith in order to stay alive.
We then talked a lot about Julia, comparing her to a child. She has an innate quality not to conform, and is a very bold person (hence the “I love you” note) and is not scared to say what is on her mind. Her hatred for the party could have been caused by her Grandpa’s vaporization. In some ways, she embodies a childlike innocence, because she likes to do what makes her happy and doesn’t really care about the consequences. She is an optimist, while Winston is a pessimist. She plays her life like a game, and being a party member is just an imagining game. She has to be clever so that she wouldn’t give her true feelings away.
Are Julia and Winston really in love? Why do they trust each other? Everyone seemed to think that they were just in love with the idea of being against the party. The two also seem to be only “in lust.” Julia trusts him because as she once said, she could see it in his eyes. She has probably been observing him a lot, so she seems to have a feeling. Winston seems to trust her because he needs her. Also, someone brought up the point that if you were an older man, and a beautiful young girl fell in love with you, you probably wouldn’t turn her down.
We closed on the idea of extremes and opposites. Love and hate run on such a thin line. Maybe the “I love you” note was really an “I hate the party” note, for this reason. Everyone in society is so focused on hating, that it becomes so easy just to hate anyone. We also agreed that emotions seem to be the color in their gray society.

We wrapped it up and pushed our desks back.
OUR HOMEWORK IS:- read through page 167
- think about potential t-shirt ideas


Question from Kristin, Martha, Blair and Whitney:
How has Winston's attitude towards life changed since the beginning of the book? How much of this is part of Julia's influence?


  • Winston's attitude towards life has changed greatly throughout the book. I think that all of this is caused by Julia. Nothing in his life that would lead to this new outlook on life except for the fact that now he has a girlfriend. He even stated that he was being more careful not to be caught. Julia gave him more of a reason to live. She has caused him to think more about the revolution eventhough she doesn't care about it

    By Blogger Laine G, at 12:12 PM  

  • How has Winston's attitude towards life changed since the beginning of the book? How much of this is part of Julia's influence?

    Winston's attitude towards life has changed dramatically since he met Julia. At the beginning of the book he feels like he is alone in a world that is not safe. A world with no friends to help with his problems. He is in desperate need of someone or something that will understand him and his hate of the party. And then Julia comes, she has very similar feelings and becomes Winston's lover. He needs her to feel and his life finally has meaning after he meets her.

    By Blogger Dan E, at 12:33 PM  

  • Ok, so Winston... He has changed some. At the beginning of the novel all he could think about was how miserable he was and how much he hated the Party. Enter Julia. She make him understand how much life can be lived even within the captivity of the Party. This has given good ole Winston the incentive he needs to further rebel against the Party.

    That is all I have to say. ;-)


    By Blogger RachelP, at 12:44 PM  

  • I think Winston leads a life with more of a purpose, now that he has hope and the slightest bit of freedom from being with Julia. And I think all of this is influence from Julia, and some of the carefree side from Mr. Charrington. I think Winston now believes there is hope in everything, and he realizes how much life has to offer. But I also believe he has a newer, more trusting side towards everyone else since meeting Julia, and this new mindset could be an easy part of his downfall.

    By Blogger KylieYoum, at 1:46 PM  

  • Winston's attitude towards life has changed since he met Julia. Through out the book he has been resigned to eventual capture, torture and death. Before, he was just waiting for it to come. But now he is doing the best he can to make the rest of his life as fuffilling and meaningful as possible.

    By Blogger Korlandini, at 1:51 PM  

  • When Julia and Winston are up in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop, how can they feel a sense of both a "damned soul grasping for his last morsel of pleasure when the clock is within five minutes of striking," and permanent security?

    I think they can feel this because of the diverse range of emotion they've developed through living in Oceania. I've noticed that one of the traits of the people of Oceania is that some of them are able to change their minds from one extreme to another without a second thought. Others have developed the ability to ignore their feelings of doubt entirely. Winston and Julia have lived in this society for so long that they've basically adapted to feeling two completely opposite emotions at once or suppressing the emotions they do have. Winston seems to be someone who is able to suppress his feelings of insecurity at one time and then at other times his feelings of insecurity are expressed through "grasping for his last morsel of pleasure." Julia seems to be like this also, but I think that since she is obviously less mature in her thought processes and in the logic behind her rebellion, she tends to suppress emotions entirely because she doesn't exactly understand how to recognize them. Though she obviously feels impending disaster at some times, she seems much more confident in the plans Winston and she have developed, regardless of whether she actually has that confidence.

    By Blogger mmoritz, at 2:09 PM  

  • It seems as though Winston is slightly bi-polar in his emotions toward life as far as we can tell at this point in the book. For example, when Winston is in the trees with Julia listening to the songbird, he feels extremely joyous and content and wishes he could remain there forever. On the other hand, in the weeks that Winston and Julia cannot see eachother, Winston seems especially stressed out and is even more paranoid of getting caught by a suspicious neighbor or the thought police. Overall, i think that Julia has not as much changed Winston's feelings toward life, but intensified them.

    By Blogger kmatthews, at 5:56 PM  

  • Winstons view on life since meeting Julia, is brighter and more carefree. He always noe seems to not care about all the little things the party did. also he never feels so anguished and furious with life. but because of this feeling he also is more careless. his appearance changes drastically (weight, ulcer, facial expressions). this could end up being a problem b/c if someone on the other end of the telescreen were to notice these changes they might become suspicious and check him out.

    Also Winstons thought process has changed. he used to think all the time and would not go very in-depth with his thoughts. he would think of something and stick with the same thought he had thought of. Now he doesn't think as often but when he thinks he goes much more in-depth and thinks about every possible detail and result.

    By Blogger sbull, at 6:43 PM  

  • I think that Julia has made Winston more daring. He now openly rebels against the party, instead of just writing in his journal. This is a huge step that will probably get him killed. I wonder Julia has has this effect on all of the men that she has slept with?

    By Blogger matt f., at 6:50 PM  

  • Immediatly after Winston meets Julia, he finds his life has more importance and becomes more cautious. He is less willing to take risks because he feels he has something to live for. I think that this portion is entirely due to Julia. As their relationship progresses, Winston continues to break rules, in a differnt manner and with a different idea of the consequesnces. He also finds that he is not the only one rebelling which serves as a comfort. I think this too is due to Julia but to a lesser degree.

    By Blogger earendur_ns, at 7:42 PM  

  • I think that Winston now feels like he has someone who understands him in the world, instead of being all alone with his thoughts. He now has an accomplice, someone to share his feelings with about the party and the state of the world. he has become more trusting of people now, and has began to trust his instincts, which might not be the best thing for his well being. I think that he now has a partner in the world, and he feels that he can make a change, one step at a time, even though it is only him and Julia. It is a lot easier to make a change when you aren't the only one standing up for what you believe in.

    By Blogger ShannonH, at 8:42 PM  

  • Winston’s view on life has changed in that he no longer has any good feelings towards the party. Since he met Julia, he has been assured that there is more to life than hate week and all other negative things that have been shoved down his throat by the party. Julia has convinced him that he is not the only one who has the ability to think about what is actually occurring in his life. He has taken a new turn for the better and is starting to see the sliver lining in revolution and the false gold plating of the party and Big Brother.

    By Blogger tim c, at 3:01 PM  

  • In th beggining of the book winston was angry at the world. He quite frequently wanted to shout swear words at the top of his lungs. Since he met julia, He has become less nervous and less angry. He is now organized, and has plans instead of random hatred.

    By Blogger Barry Tischler, at 9:55 PM  

  • I think Winston's attitude toward life has definitely chnged since he met Julia. He has become such a risk-taker! He had all of those anti-Big Brother thoughts bottled up inside of him (and his journal); all he needed was someone to reassure him about what he was thinking to set him off. He now has done several things he might have thought about but never actually done before Julia came, like visiting O'Brien's (trust?!?), reading Goldstein's book, and meeting Julia above Mr. Charrington's shop.

    By Blogger AlisonB, at 2:42 PM  

  • I think that Winston feels that he has something to live for. he feels that he has a purpose now that he is causing change, even if it is very minimal. He feels that now that he has someone to confide in, he has made life more bearable. With Julia in his life, it seems taht he can make it through each day, even if it is adding hours and party duties.

    By Blogger ShannonH, at 6:36 AM  

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