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Friday, April 13, 2007

6th Hour 1984 Scribe

Hi Everyone,

Today we had a sub, Ms. Johnson. We quickly took attendance and our quizes and hopped into our discussion led by Joanne, Kyle, and Eric. The inner circle consisted of Devon, Sally, Caitlin Lewis, Emma, Laura, Emily, and myself.

The first question that was asked was whether the group thought Julia and Winston were being careless by being in a dangerous relationship. Overall, the inner circle felt that both Julia and Winston were going to live how they wanted anyways, and seemed oblivious to the chance that they could get caught and be vaporized.

Next, we discussed whether or not there would always be a chance for a revolution, or would the idea of rebelling just fade away? Some inner circle members felt that Julia had grown up in a government that was totalitarian and still had wanted to rebel, proving that even if someone grows in that type of society, there was still a chance for a revolution. This quickly made the circle wonder what made Julia change to be so rebellious. Some people thought it was that she was so limited as a child, that she got tired of it and wanted to possibly live free like the proles. Caitlin said it was like the old saying that, "rules are meant to be broken."

The next question asked was, why was the revolution successful in the first place? What ideas were the revolutionaries pushing at the time?

Next we discussed the importance of the poem with the churches that keeps recurring throughout the book. This made the inner circle wonder if Winston learned the rest of the poem, would he remember some of his childhood? Or would her just feel empty inside?

The next question had to do with when Winston compares the coral to his life. Do you think they are trapped in the glass? Or are they suspended and can't really get out of it? Emily thought that Winston and Julia were suspended in the glass coral, in their own little world, feeling like nothing can touch them.

Joanne then asked the inner circle why the whole Winston and Julia in the woods thing was a "political statement"? The group felts that it is rebellion and just making htem feel like they are going against the governemnt and they feel like they accomplished something. Then we wondered why it would be damaging to the party to suppress pleasure. Some thought that if you are happy, you don't care about the party, and if you are not passionate about the party, you cannot be passionate about someone else.

The last question we barely touched on was if Winston knows what a church is, do they know religion too? Do the people of the party really know the meaning of a church? Or do they just connect it to a name of an old building?

Ok so moving on from today's discussion, our homework is to read through page 167. Also, try to come up with ideas for your political cartoon T-shirts!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Question from Erik, Kyle and Joanne:

At the end of class we touched on the topic of religion. Would you consider Big Brother a God-like figure to the people of 1984? Would you consider the blind following of Big Brother a type of religion? Does the lack of religion, as we know it, influence other parts of life in 1984?
On page 138, Winston listens to a prole woman singing a song while she hangs out the laundry. This is just after he has rented to room from Mr. Charrington. The words of the song go:
"It was only a 'opeless fancy,
It passed like an Ipril dye,
But a look an' a word an' the dreams they stirred,
They 'ave stolen my 'eart awye!"
Is there any symbolism in how these words appear at this moment, right after Winston has rented the room? If so, what is it and what is the significance of these words?


  • Hi Everyone--It looks like you had a productive day. Presenters, do you have a question to post for the blog???

    By Blogger mmoritz, at 6:27 AM  

  • At the end of class we touched on the topic of religion. Would you consider Big Brother a God-like figure to the people of 1984? Would you consider the blind following of Big Brother a type of religion? Does the lack of religion, as we know it, influence other parts of life in 1984?

    (Mrs. Moritz: Sorry this didn't get posted until now. I didn't realize no one had posted a comment from our group.)

    By Blogger goodriddance, at 6:50 PM  

  • In a way Big Brother is a God to the people in 1984 and the Party is a "type" of religion. A religion has followers and so does Big Brother, so I guess it could be considered the same thing.

    The lack of relgion in 1984 seems to influence their veiw of death. They don't have a religion to tell them what will happen after they die, so they seem to be scared of it.

    By Blogger haleycc, at 8:43 PM  

  • I don't think that Big Brother is a God figure in 1984 because God gives people choice to follow Him or not. When people follow God it is out of love and desire not force or obligation. He does have control over everything, but He allows us to choose our actions, thoughts, and loyalties unlike in 1984. There is fear in a relationship with God but it is not the same kind that the novel displays. It is based off of awe and respect, not hate or threats. Also, Big Brother wants complete power and wants to generate fear and rules with deception, God on the other hand, is simply in love with us and brings truth. Although I do not think that Big Brother represents God, I do think that the blind following of Big Brother that is demonstrated by the people of Oceania can have similarities with religion. In some religions, its believers are expected to swallow every doctrine, teaching, and rule that they are taught. They begin not to question the truth and become like this blindly following society of 1984. The lack of religion affects all parts in 1984's society. Without religion, people do not have hope and loose the purpose to live. The people also do not know how to look for truth in anything. The lifestyle of the poplulation is to be cruel and lacks love for people. With the absence of religion comes the absence of hope and love.

    By Blogger cvanessen2, at 9:48 PM  

  • I do consider Big Brother a type of god-like figure. Everyone looks up to him and follows waht he want when the real person doesn't really exist. Atleast nobody has seen him. THis is who the people go to and seek.

    The lack of other religions lead to the people being brainwashed and not thinking for themselves.

    By Blogger tneal8, at 1:51 PM  

  • I do not think Big Brother is a god-like figure in the sense of religion. The comrades do not pray to Big Brother or worship him in any way.
    The blind following could be considered religion but i do not feel it is so because in religion the person that is being worshiped is understood and known about. This is not the case in 1984.
    The lack of religion causes the comrades to be totally brainwashed in a sense. It is not the only reason they cannot speak their thoughts, but with religion, a person can choose who they worship, what they believe in and when they believe.

    By Blogger Liz, at 6:41 PM  

  • I think that the people in 1984 think of Big Brother as more of a big brother than a god. I believe this because only the people in the inner party truely worship him. While everyone ealse like the proles, look at him as if he were a big brother that gives them their space, but still annoys them to the point of an extreme. But, with the inner party, I don't think that following Big Brother is a religion, it's more of an adapted response. The people have been brainwashed so much that they're basically robots who follow orders. In those orders it is like they have to follow Big Brother. The lack of religion doesn't really affect anything because everything is about Big Brother.

    By Blogger kaytlinr, at 8:40 PM  

  • i think that big brother is considered as a religion because he is such a god like figure, if he wants anything to be done than one of his followers will immediately go out and do it.

    By Blogger hmadsen, at 7:43 AM  

  • Big Brother is a God like figure becasue the people believe and follow his "teachings".
    This is not an example of religion because they are just following him and not necessarily praying for him. They are also just believeing what BB says and are demonstrating Hate Week for BB but are not making this into a religion. BB is more of an athority figure that people look up to like a king or duke not as someone they go for wisedom and guidance.

    By Blogger kayla f, at 10:45 AM  

  • wow, i didnt know this was posted. I agree with many of the people above me in the sense that I think big brother is a god like figure. The people of Oceania look up to him, follow everything he says, and have a certain trust in him, that they will be taken care of.

    By Blogger NatalieJ, at 9:17 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Damian L., at 6:06 PM  

  • In the book they don't believe in god so he is more of a king rather than a god.

    The lack of religion presents to use the fact that they have nothing that ties them to each other like a religious community. There fore everyone fears each other and clings to big brother.

    By Blogger Damian L., at 6:11 PM  

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